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Take 5 | Essentials for Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day/Weekend is here and girls and guys are getting ready to bring down extra love on their S.O. Some girls love to get all glammed up for their guys, but I'll admit that this is one day I like to keep it simple. My boyfriend and I are always super low-key on this particular "holiday" as we hate crowds and long lines. Last year we opted to stay in and bought ourselves some nice steak and wine. It was A+ in my books. 

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Take 5 | Winter Skincare Update

Winter in California was quite short lived. We had some chilly days and rain days, but for the most part it was a warm one. Many of you may not know but California is in a major drought right now and it is so very apparent to many of us living here. It's supposed to be an El Nino (heavy rain) year so fingers crossed that it still happens. The weather forecast for next week is already looking like mid 70s (~21C), soo there's that. Anyways, we went from warm mid 70 degree weather in late November to 45-60 degree weather. I know for many of you that may not be anything, but that is "Winter" in California for ya. I've altered my skincare to revolve around these 5 products (or some variation) and my skin could not be happier.

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