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When it comes down to beauty and skincare there are just so many options and each brand is more than keen on bringing out their own version. Some of my favorite posts to read are comparison posts to help unsure readers which product they should choose when they narrow it down to two. I've been really big on skincare lately and as you can imagine I've accumulated a few products that, more or less, do the same thing. But when it comes down to it, what are the pros and cons of each one?

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser vs. Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Two of the more popular cleansing gels on the market right now are between the Glossier and Oskia options. These were both my first dabble with cleansing gels so I didn't have much to compare them to. These are a strange texture and it definitely takes a little getting used to. These come out in a gel texture and once massaged in break down into oil to help remove makeup and impurities deep within the skin. They have a delightful rose scent and are both calming for the skin. 

One major factor you have to take into consideration is shipping and availability. Glossier is definitely much harder to get outside of the U.S. right now, but hopefully they're looking to expand. If you haven't given Glossier a try, here's a link to get 20% off! (Please see my disclaimer for my rep page.) And on the flip side for those in the U.S., Oskia is much harder to get a hold of. Neither are easily available in store to sample and try, which is definitely harder for gals with more sensitive skin. But as a girl with sensitive skin, both have worked out beautifully for me and I haven't had any issues with breakouts. 

They both do a pretty stand up job, but of course there are some differences:

1. The Glossier version can be used on both wet and dry skin while the Oskia version can only be used on dry skin. 
2. The Glossier cleanser has 177ml while the Oskia cleanser has 100 mL.
3. The Glossier cleanser is $18 while the Oskia cleanser is $37.80.

Overall, I have to give it to Glossier here. For the price and availability, I can't really argue with it. The Oskia version is definitely a great treat yourself and if you can afford the extra splurge for skincare, definitely go for it! But as someone that goes through cleansers quickly with all the double cleansing, the Glossier one is a wallet friendly champ that gets the job done. 

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask vs. Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

I picked up the Aesop mask almost a year ago and it has lasted me through this time. A little goes a long way and this is one product that I'll focus more in my T-Zone and chin area where I need it most. It does a stand up job and has definitely converted me towards the clay masks. Then enter in Caudalie, which is a brand I very much discovered last year. I've been wanting to try more products and as I slowly cleared out my bathroom shelves I validated my adding another mask into my collection. With the warm weather here I was definitely looking for a max that would help take out all the gunk and toxins in my skin, and that's where the Caudalie mask came into play. My skin has gotten along very well with all Caudalie products I've used previously, so I was more than excited to give this one a try. There aren't too many differences for me to list out as they are both pretty much on par.

1. The Aesop mask is 2.4 oz while the Caudalie mask is 2.5 oz
2. Both masks are $39 and easily available. Aesop can now be found at Nordstrom and Caudalie can be found at Sephora.

Both do a stand up job at pulling impurities from the skin and I'm actually quite smitten with both. I do prefer the packaging of the Caudalie bottle as the Aesop tube gets difficult to squeeze towards the end, and I'll never be sure if I'm getting all the product out. (I need that squeezie contraption that Estee & Aslan have - kudos if anyone knows what I'm talking about). The Caudalie mask is a lot smoother in texture and is a rosy pink color which makes it much easier to see where you've applied it on your face. The Aesop version is a bit more gritty and is a nude color so it can be difficult to see where you've applied if you're going in with thin layers. Overall the mask does feel thicker and leaves my face feeling quite stiff afterwards. In addition, I do notice that I see more of those "pore" spots when I use the Caudalie mask so I'm guessing that means it's doing more werk. I've only used it about 3-4 times since I've gotten it but I'm loving it so far. Move aside Aesop, there may be a new champ in town.

Have you tried any of these products before?
What are some of your favorite gel cleansers and clay masks?