WIMB | Everyday Carries

I've always been a grab and go kind of gal, I carry small bags with little to nothing inside of it. When I was younger, my brother would ask me for a pen to which I would reply "I don't have one." He'd then ask me what I had in my purse and I'd respond "Nothing. Absolutely nothing." I carried purses just for the sheer girl factor - but since I got older and discovered crossbody bags, I have never turned back. I usually opt for small to medium sized bags and carry the absolute bare minimum with me on a day to day basis. This simplifies my life a lot and it's great to feel light when you're out and about. 

I'm a huge fan of card wallets and tend to carry my license, credit / debit cards, and a $20 for emergencies. I recently picked up this Tory Burch Card Wallet. This particular one is saffiano leather which gives it that grainy texture and prevents it from getting scuffed as easily. There's 2 slots on each side and a middle pocket which allows you to put any cash or extra receipts you have to hold. Nowadays with various tech companies, we don't need to carry around stamp cards, coupons, receipts, or even cards for that matter. There's literally an app for everything, so if you can save a tree and some space in your purse, definitely do so!

My hands are absolutely dreadful and are always dry - even in the summer. I'll always have a mini-sized lotion on me and right now is still the Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream. I loved this one so much that I picked up the full-size product which happily sits on my desk at work.

I've been living with two products in my bag, while simultaneously swapping in and out some other ones. I've pulled out an old favorite, the Dior Addict Lip Glow which is extremely moisturizing and adds a natural flush of color. I'm determined to use this up as I'm actually crap at finishing up lip products. Another favorite is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey which gives an absolute natural color to the lips. These are my no fuss lip options that I can apply throughout the day to tend to my chapped lips with no mirror required.

Of course I'll always have my keys on me and my phone because those are obviously key essentials. My everyday purse as of late has been my Celine Trio. I particularly love this bag as it has 3 separate compartments, as seen below. I'll usually house my most important items (keys and wallet) in the middle compartment and zip that up so that no pick-pocketers can get their hands in. Since the front compartment has the Celine logo I try to stay clear of storing anything lumpy in it and will opt to drop my phone in there. The back compartment will usually house my lip products and my hand cream for easy access. 

I'm truly a believer in having fewer better things and it takes time to accumulate these things. As it's been almost a year since I picked up my trio, I've been eyeing up a new bag or two. My brother was in France earlier this year and I asked him to oh so kindly pick me up a bag. I'm being good and saving it until after my birthday to use. Any guesses on what bag it is?

What are some products you carry on a day to day basis?