Current Foundations on Rotation

it takes me absolute ages to finish a foundation so I'm rather picky about the types that I pick up now. In my recent post on how I organize my daily makeup setup (read here) I noted that I keep the foundations I'm using regularly on rotation on the top shelf so I can easily grab them depending on my mood. 

The first one up is the Glossier Skin Tint Foundation. This one is especially perfect right now as this feels lightweight on the skin and so comfortable on the skin in the warm weather. I wear the shade medium and although I'm on the paler side, this one works quite well for me to give a touch of healthy glow without looking mismatched. I like to give this a shake and then have a little fun drawing lines and circles all over my face. Since the consistency of this is extremely liquidy, I've just found this to be the least messy way to apply it rather than put it on the back of your hand and/or directly onto your foundation brush.

If you haven't given Glossier a try, here's a link to get 20% off! 

The second one up is the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation, which I wear the shade 4 Neutral. CT describes this foundation as A pool of youth-boosting actives helps reduce wrinkles, fight uneven skin tone and smooth over the surface for a “baby-skin effect." My skin tone has been on the better side, with the exception of one spot that left a rather dark and unwanted scar (darn you hyperpigmentation prone skin). If you're interested in giving this a try but are not able to swatch this in store, ordering from the CT website directly may be your best bet. With the purchase of foundations she'll give you samples of 1-2 shades above and below you so you can make sure that the shade you picked is the best match for you. Although this one says it is oil free, I really feel like my skin builds up a lot more oil throughout the day. I have dry/combination skin so if you have any bit of oil, I might stray away from this one.


Third up is the NARS Matte Velvet Skin Tint, and I wear the shade Alaska. This one is one I'm rather fond of as it has SPF 30 which makes me extra happy when I wear it during the Summer. Although don't use this as an excuse to skip out on sunscreen - you should always wear sunscreen regardless if it's the dead of Winter or the peak of Summer. I have the shade Alaska and I find it's the perfect balance between my paler skin in the colder seasons and my somewhat tanner skin in the warmer seasons. It really does give a blurred out and matte (but not flat) appearance. This one is great for removing shine without removing a normal amount of glow in the skin. It helps even out redness but will still let small freckles show through - the key is to apply thin layers and build up where needed. One thing that does set me back on this particular foundation is the amount of alcohol present in the product. If you apply it there is a minor trace of a rubbing alcohol smell, although that does fade away relatively quickly. The alcohol is there to help the foundation dry down to the matte finish. So if you're prone to having sensitive skin I might stay away from this one. 

Last up is the most recent to my foundation collection, which is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in the shade 52 Vanilla, which I picked up in my UK Beauty Haul. It is a gel foundation that boasts a 16 hour wear with a radiance-boosting, even, and revived complexion. This is one that I love reaching for as it gives a dewy look to your complexion and a healthy glow. I mentioned in my Minimal Makeup Post that this was one I was reaching for a lot and it still holds true. But in all fairness to the other foundations which I need to get good use out of too, it's being regularly rotated in rather than reached for every single day.

Have you ever given these foundations a try? What are some of your go-to foundations for everyday use?