Everyday Makeup Setup

Makeup Storage 3.jpg

I always love seeing snippets of how people store their makeup so I thought I'd share with you all how I rotate in and out my everyday makeup. I keep a 2-drawer Muji set separate from my entire makeup stash which helps me utilize more of my products. Like most others, I'm much more likely to use a product if its sitting right in front of me when I'm getting ready. Less decisions makes it easier to be more experimental. I've had quite a few empties posts in the past few months so this technique has really worked for me overall.

If you can't tell from the photo above, the majority of the products on rotation are face products. I keep a few foundations on my top shelf and rotate through these every few days, really depending on how my skin is feeling each morning. I have my trusty Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette because I'm still obsessed with it and reach for it often. I have a few blushes on rotation that I'll swap in and out because that's the only way you'll ever really touch all of them. My trusty Becca Moonstone highlight sits in the top drawer because let's be real, I douse myself in this every. single. day. I'm testing out my new Soap & Glory products that I picked up from my recent trip to the UK, see what else I got  h e r e.  I brought out a somewhat old MAC powder (which I've hit pan on!) and am trying to force myself to use it up. See where I'm getting at here?

On the top right side of the drawers you'll see I have the Pixi Glow Mist which I like to spray onto my beauty blender for an extra pop of glow when dabbing on foundation. I have one of these lipstick dividers (which I used to use to house my earrings when I was younger) that now holds mini deluxe samples that I'm trying out. I've mentioned before I'm not too fond of primers, but I am slowly trying to use more to get my skin used to them. And this is the quickest way to actually get through my massive hoard of samples. I also keep my NARS Eye Primer and NARS Creamy Concealer on rotation quickly accessible here as well. As mentioned in a previous post, I keep some top shelf minis in my old Diptyque jar. I keep all the little makeup bits from deluxe sized mascaras to half-used eyeliners that I'm trying to make my way through. I keep my dual eye-sharpener handy in my bottom drawer so I can quickly sharpen anything I need to, whether it be an eyeliner, cream eyeshadow stick, or lip pencil. I have one from Charlotte Tilbury which does a fab job - it stays shut so extra shavings don't end up everywhere. It's also perfectly squared so it sits upright in my drawer perfectly.

On the left side of the top drawer I have most of my eye and brow products. I've been very much into wearing cream eyeshadows all over the lid so I keep these here so I can quickly reach in and grab them. I also have my cream highlighter and Pixi under eye concealer for those days when I need an extra pick me up or two.

On the left of my Muji drawers is a ceramic Starbucks tumbler with gold polka dots (much too pretty to use so of course I use it to store items). I keep all my brushes in this and will usually take the whole cup to my bathroom every Sunday afternoon/evening to give them a good clean. See what I use to get them looking new and clean H E R E. I also have another tumbler that houses some full-sized mascaras and eyeliners but I'm currently making my way through all my minis in my Diptyque jar.

What does your everyday makeup setup look like?
How do you go about using all the products from your makeup stash?