Sunday Things: Dirty Chores

For any makeup lover or user, our brushes take a huge beating day in and out when it comes to applying our makeup. Just with any other "chore," cleaning brushes is one chore that makeup users should not let slide by. It's easy to push it aside as days and weeks go by quite quickly. I've made it a habit to wash my brushes on Sunday afternoons to give myself a clean start to the week. It also gives my brushes ample time to dry overnight before I need to use them on Monday morning. 

My top makeup brush cleaner is the Beauty Blender Cleansing Solid which I repurchased during the Sephora VIB sale. I like to run my brushes under warm water and give them a quick swirl in the cleansing solid. I usually set these aside and turn off the water (gotta save water in this California drought) and will swirl each one in the palm of my hand or the rubber piece to get all process out deep within the brush. This cleanser seriously does a great job at getting my brushes looking brand-spanking-new and cleaning deep down. You can tell from the first picture above of how all my brushes are foundation/blush tinted but are sparkly and almost new looking in the two photos above.

A little goes a long way with the cleansing solid and although pricey, it'll work for a long while and get your brushes feeling and looking clean! 

How often do you clean your brushes? Perhaps it can be a Sunday afternoon ritual for you too!