NARS Lipstick Formulas

NARS is definitely one brand that has a cult following, with #NARSissists running around left and right. I'll admit that I wasn't big on the hype when I first got into makeup a long while ago and NARS' Orgasm just didn't live up to be what it was said to be (lol). Since then I've discovered a lot of products from the brand and hands down my favorite thing to pick up from the brand has got to be their lip products. They have a variety of shades, formulas, and packaging so you can find something tailored to your needs and wants.

Let's break it down into each lipstick type that NARS offers.

S A T I N   L I P   P E N C I L
.07oz / $26

These lip pencils are all named after parks and gardens all over the world, so you can expect the colors to include some bright bold ones and some soft neutrals, much like the variation of flowers you'd find in a garden. These lip pencils are a creamy satin finish which do have great lasting power. So long as these are sharpened, they are great on the go and allow you to skip the need for a lip pencil to get a crisp line around the edges.

{Hyde Park - Cardinal Red / Isola Bella - Peach Beige / Rikugien - Rose Pink}

M A T T E   V E L V E T   L I P   P E N C I L
.086oz / $26

These probably take the cake as one of most popular matte lipsticks out there. With Cruella handed out to every Sephora VIB holder out there last year as the birthday gift, most gals out there were able to jump on the bandwagon which are these matte lip pencils. They are creamy, long lasting, and comfortable on the lips. They glide on like velvet, as the name suggests, and are easy to use - again - if you have a sharpener on hand to keep these sharp. I tend to go for bolder colors when getting mattes and every color I have is one I love - with Damned and Walkyrie up there under some of my favorite lipsticks of all time.

{ Cruella - Scarlet Red , Damned - Magenta , Walkyrie - Warm Coral Red Creme} 

A U D A C I O U S   L I P S T I C K
.14oz / $32
These lipsticks have changed the lipstick game since they entered the scene back in the Fall of 2014. These lipsticks are a satin finish but don't let that fool you, one swipe and you have an opaque layer of lipstick covering your lips instantly. In the swatches below, it only took one swipe to get that color payoff. These lipsticks fade well throughout the day and leave you with little maintenance for touchups, mostly through the center of the lips. Don't even get me started on the packaging, the magnet closure gives the most satisfying crack/snap and I could literally sit at my desk all day and open and close it. Anyone else? Barbara is a dream and is one of my all time favorites.

{Anita - antique rose / Barbara - tan rose}

.12oz / $28 / 5 Finishes : Satin, Matte, High Shine, Metallic, Shimmer

I gotta say these little lipsticks are making their way into so many Sephora sets these days. I was able to pick up the coveted Dolce Vita in Sephora's nude lip kit a few months back and am so glad I did. It's a barely there pink which adds the perfect touch of color. It gives a finish very much similar to the Dior Addict Lip Glow, adding a touch of color into your lips for a fresh faced look. I do have this in a darker shade and although it is a glossy finish, it is so comfortable on the lips and long lasting. It fades into a more matte finish throughout the day and you are left with a rather nice stain. I'm definitely keen on trying out more lipsticks - partially so I'll be able to spell out ' N A R S ' with the lipstick tubes haha. (Don't judge.)

{Dolce Vita - Satin Finish - Sheer Dusty Rose / Afghan Red - Satin Finish - Satin Garnet}

P U R E   M A T T E   L I P S T I C K
.07oz / $28

Oddly I haven't seen much of these around in the blogging community, but maybe it was just because I wasn't looking for it. This is a recent addition to the collection as I saw a coworker using this and thought that it was utterly gorgeous. And as a nude lipstick lover, I needed to have it in my life. I am quite in love with terracotta lipstick shades these days and have always been a lover of all plum-shaded lipsticks. So the idea of a cinnamon plum shade really just overwhelmed me and it was quickly in my shopping cart. This formula is dry as it is a matte lipstick, but I wouldn't say it is uncomfortable on the lips at all. It does contain mango butter to help make this more comfortable on your lips. I am able to wear this for a good 4-5 hours before I need to touch it up. 

{Tonkin - Cinammon Plum}

L-R: Dolce Vita, Isola Bella, Barbara, Tonkin, Walkyrie

As you can see not all NARS lipsticks were created equally. Some items give more product while others definitely give less. For convenience, I would stay clear of the lip pencils as you will need a larger sharpener to keep these in tip top shape. *The lids can often pop off so be careful when bringing these in your purse. If I had to only recommend one it would have to be the Audacious Lipsticks. They are a formula that cannot be beat and the packaging is pretty ace. If you haven't seen these before, definitely give them a try next time you're in stores and I assure you that you will be impressed.

NARS definitely take their place high on my list when it comes to lipsticks, and in my eyes they can do no wrong. What are some of your favorite lip products from NARS?

Any other brand that takes the cake for best lipsticks?
(Just FYI - Charlotte Tilbury is really up there for me too.)