Monthly Favorites | J U N E

To be fair it isn't the end of June yet, but it'll be here in no time. I haven't done a monthly favorites type post in a few months and I've actually acquired quite a roundup of favorite products. 

As noted in a recent post, I shared my newest shades which are the Céline Frida sunglasses. These are a havana frame with green lenses and are the perfect addition to my collection! I'm rather pale so I tend to steer clear of black sunglasses, and now that my hair has been lightened for the summer these definitely look perfect. 

In my WIMB post from earlier this week I showed a little tidbit into the things I carry every day. One of them is a card wallet from Tory Burch which is a recent purchase and I love it. I've been looking for a new one and while I was side-eyeing one from Mulberry, I decided against it. 

On the makeup front I've been simple as I'm going in for light and fresh makeup. A few months back I picked up the BECCA Mineral Blush in Wild Honey which is described as a peachy nude. It has a matte finish and just adds a natural flush to your cheeks - no shimmer or chunks of glitter present. 

One of the lip colors I've been reaching for as of late has been the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow n' Arrow. This is described as a fawn nude. It's more of a browny pink and is a comfortable formula that lasts all day on your lips without feeling too drying.

On the skincare front I've been cleansing every night with the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. It's a great alternative to the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel at a much more affordable price. I usually go in with eye makeup remover first to break through my waterproof eye makeup, and go in after with this to really break down any makeup left. It's gentle on the skin and does not strip my face leaving it dry. Another skincare bit that has really done a number and impressed me is the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. It pulls impurities from deep within the skin and after using it a few times my skin is feeling less congested and my skin is looking a bit more even overall. See how I compared both the Glossier and Caudalie skincare bits to other similar bits on the market HERE

On the entertainment front I've been watching a whole lot of TV. The obvious shows are two cult favorites: Game of Thrones and Orange Is The New Black. These shows both have great story lines and leave you wanting more. Literally - since you have to wait a whole year for new episodes. My coworkers watch a hell of a lot of TV and with that, come a whole list of recommendations. The one that has got me binge watching non stop is Orphan Black. If you're looking for a show with a ton of suspense, this is it. Amazon needs to release season 4 cause I watched 3 seasons in about 2 weeks or less. 

What are some things that you've been loving lately?