New In: Céline Sunglasses

I'm not one to buy sunglasses often, and in fact the last time I bought a pair was probably about 3 years ago. My whole life, the only "designer" sunglasses I ever purchased were Ray-Bans. I have the original wayfarers and the square keyhole sunglasses. My face shape is a little funny as I have a low nose bridge, large cheekbones, and uneven ears. I always have a problem with glasses of all sorts falling down my nose and resting on my rather large cheekbones. I've been eyeing the Lea (41373) sunglasses from Céline as well but the price tag is a bit eye watering. Nordstrom was having their half yearly sale and I was able to snag this Frida (41080) pair at a cheaper price than normal. The price is still a bit eye watering but hey, it's my birthday month and I was looking for a new pair of sunglasses to rock with my new shorter hair.  

These are a havana frame with green lenses. I think these are the perfect addition as I love lighter sunglasses. I'm rather pale so these don't clash against my skin as much as black frames. Yet these are still dark enough that you can't easily see my eyes (bonus points). These feel extremely sturdy and very well made. I can only compare these to my Ray-Ban Wayfarers and those definitely feel a tad flimsier, from the material to the craftsmanship. Both wayfarers that I have owned had a tendency to loosen around the hinge so I hope these ones stand the test of time. My wayfarers were purchased at Nordstrom, and with their amazing return policy I definitely feel comfortable making this investment as they really stand behind the products they sell. And they're more than happy to replace the product if it is defective in any way. 

I purchased the Céline Trio last year while I was in Paris (post here) and I've got to say that Céline is hands down one of my favorite brands . I've always thought that investing in high end bags and accessories were worth it so long as you keep it in good shape and get it in a timeless color and/or style. I may gone down a dangerous journey with higher end designer sunglasses but I'm really not complaining. Perhaps I can now dream of having one of those Pinterest worthy acrylic drawers with my accessories all on display.

What are your thoughts on designer sunglasses?
Yay / nay?
What's your favorite brand of sunglasses?