Worth the Splurge | Celine Trio

Handbags and accessories are items that I find are well worth the splurge. Buying timeless items are perfect as they can be used for years to come, and can be passed down through the generations. Although there won't be any future generations from me for a (long) while, I'll be enjoying this beauty of a bag for long time to come. 

I know a lot of people aren't into splurging on items, let alone a purse. When I was younger, my mom asked me if I would rather have 10 cheaply made bags, or 1 very nicely made bag. Obviously, I said I'd want the 1 very nice bag. For my middle school graduation she graciously bought me my first "designer" bag, a Coach bag! Back then I thought it was a huge deal, I mean to 13 year old me it was like lugging precious cargo. Since then I've been a bit of a collector of bags. I don't buy bags often, maybe once a year or more or so, but I'll make sure they're investment pieces that I'll use for years and years. Example, when I went to college I treated myself with my hard earned cash to a Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha bag. I used this everyday for roughly 5-6 years. (They've since changed the style, not tooo huge a fan of the new style.) In order to save my beloved MJ from a doomed fate, I began searching for other bags to carry to rotate in.

I've been coveting the Proenza Schouler PS1 bag since I was in high school, and close to the end of college I began eyeing the Celine Trio. When I was abroad in Paris, I suggested to my boyfriend that we visit the Galeries Lafayette to see if it was all it was hyped up to be, not to mention the beauty of the architecture of the building itself. As we walked through the stores, we came across the Celine boutique and I walked in with major heart eyes. I walked straight to the Celine Trio which was absolutely perfect for a petite gal such as myself. Since we were backpacking through Europe, this was the perfect size for us to carry around without being too large of a burden. And hey, when in Paris. Oui? #treatyoself

The bag itself has 3 zippered compartments which are all detachable. This allows you to carry them as an individual clutch if need be. The inside is lined with a grey felt material, so there is no cheapness included in this piece of work. 

What are your thoughts on splurging for luxurious items? What are some types of items that you love to invest in?