Cream Eyeshadow Roundup

There's just something about cream eyeshadows that are so easy to use. I've probably mentioned time and time again that I am absolute crap when it comes to applying eyeshadows. In my current "phase" of trying to use up more of my products, I decided to whip out my roundup of cream eyeshadows. Along with the simple makeup that I've been doing lately (see what I use here), I sometimes go for a light and bright eyeshadow look of some sort. 

This all started back in April when I picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow in Marie Antoinette (see my CT collection here). I had been looking for a neutral cream eyeshadow base that was easy enough to wear everyday. Rather than dab my finger into the pot, I've actually been taking a small amount on an eyeshadow brush and blending that onto my eyelid and it has been working out quite well. I find that pairing this with a thin layer of eyeshadow primer underneath really helps this to last all day. 

Following that, I slowly brought out MAC Groundwork as that was an old favorite at one point or another in time. This is a soft brown which adds just a little bit of depth into my eyes. I pair this with a black winged liner or a dark/shimmery brown liner smudged into my lashes for a more daytime appropriate sultry smokey eye. This one is starting to separate around the edges so it does make me hesitant to continue using it. I'll need to keep my eye on it and give it a sniff every once in a while to make sure it hasn't gone bad. 

Another oldie but goodie is the Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow Stick in Amethyst. It is the most beautiful silvery-plum that looks great paired with my brown eyes. I take the smallest amount near my lash line and smudge this in with a bit of dark brown liner to help deepen the look. These have a wonderful consistency and are possibly one of my favorites. I love that after all this time it's still a smooth consistency and not dried out at all. I'm definitely interested in giving a few more of these a go.

A few months back I attended a wedding and went for something a little different than my normal look. I had picked up two eyeshadow sticks from Kiko when I was in Italy last year (haul here). I was going for a darker look for night time so I wore the darker shade, Golden Chocolate 04, all over my lids and blended in the crease area. I added on some false lashes to amp up the volume. I rather liked this look and will definitely find a way to make a softer version come Fall/Winter. The other shade I got from Kiko, Golden Beige 07, is a lighter one and one I'd reach for more on an everyday basis.

L-R: MAC Groundwork, Kiko Golden Beige, Charlotte Tilbury Marie Antoinette, MAC Beige-ing, Kiko Goden Brown, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst

I'm still on the hunt for the perfect champagne/gold cream eyeshadow. I do have one from MAC which is the MAC Shadestick in Beige-Ing which is more or less dried out (due to my not using it for a long, long time). It's a bit crumbly on the stick so I'll actually smash a piece into the back of my hand and work with it until it softens up a bit. I'll then pat that onto my lid using my ring finger. (To be honest, this one will probably see the bin real soon). >> No longer available.

One I didn't photograph or swatch here is the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Chameleon Pencil in Champagne Diamonds. It isn't technically mine as my mom picked this up a few months back. However she did leave this for me on my counter since she rarely uses it and thought I'd get better use out of it. It is a bit lighter in color than I'd prefer, but I'm definitely trying to work with it. But to be honest I'm much more infatuated with shades like Amber Haze and Golden Quartz. Perhaps an exchange may need to be made.

What are some of your favorite cream eyeshadows? Do you prefer them to be in a small pot or in a twist up stick? Leave your suggestions below, especially if you have the perfect shade for someone with brown eyes!