Products For When I Take Blog Photos

So I've been getting a few comments lately on my photos so I thought I'd share a few things I tend to reach for when I get ready to take photos for my blog, whether they are props or whatnot. 

For now I can only dream of owning a marble table of some sort, but until that day happens I'll just use some marble contact paper which I bought on Amazon. There are a few varying patterns, some which are darker in color and some whiter in color. Choose your preference! I actually don't reach for this all that often as it has become a "typical blogger cliche," but sometimes I like to add it in, and I think it adds just a little more depth and fun into a shot. You could always get a marble slab that you can add into help add some angles and break up a flat lay too - you can opt for a tray from a kitchen store or a tile from a hardware store. Again, your pick!

Mixing up and breaking up a plain flat lay with some plates and bowls is always a quick and easy fix. I have these two blue plates that I picked up from Daiso, which is an Asian dollar store. This store is such a great dupe for so many products. I did a post here on some dupes I found of the plastic makeup boxes from Muji. I recently found a hardback black notebook which is very much like your typical Moleskine, although at a fraction of the price.

I'll sometimes throw in a few extra bits to help break up the shot, whether it be candles, flowers, or even little lip, nail, or hand products. Have fun with your photography and just use what you have around in your room and or house! Don't feel like you need to go out and buy products to be like everyone else. Find products that really work into your home surrounding and your style aesthetics. (#1 tip I'd give myself if I was starting again from scratch)

On the non-photo blogging front, I always keep my MAC Brush Cleaner on hand for spot cleaning my brushes. Nobody wants to see grimy brushes, so using a bit of the cleaner on a paper towel will help remove obvious makeup residue from brushes so they can look clean (even if they aren't). I also keep a pack of makeup wipes on hand to easily wipe off makeup swatches. Yes, a tad wasteful, but there's nothing like walking around with an arm stained with lipstick. I'll usually take a pack of makeup wipes with me when I go camping or somewhere where water is not as easily accessible. 

What are some of the items you use when you take photos for your blog/IG?
Let me know if you like these types of posts, I think they're rather fun!