Take 5 | Rotating in Lipsticks for Summer

Summer is basically here and it makes me want to add a little bit of color into my life. I'm generally a very neutral person, no color in my wardrobe or on my nails. The most color usually comes from my lips so I definitely like to have fun with it while keeping it as low key as possible. I'm looking to rotate my lip stash to get more use out of some products I haven't been so keen on reaching for as of late. 

The first two up are clearly my favorite lip products of all time, the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. The shade Honey has been living in my handbag for months and I don't really want to swap it out but I know I should. In an effort to add more color, I thought I'd let Nude and Honey chill for a while and take Petal and Berry out for a bit. Petal is a soft pink which is a "my lips but pinker" type shade. It's so subtle and great for adding a touch of color to those that don't want anything that looks unnatural. Berry is a fun pop of color which is what I would say is a popsicle stained lip. It's a bright pop of color that is so low maintenance and great for adding a little something more. You can always pat this into your lips or blend it out with your finger if you want a softer look.

An alternative to Fresh would be Lipstick Queen, a cruelty-free brand that just slays in the lipstick game. I bought a trio a while back and in it is the shade Saint Nude. It adds a ton of moisture and is a great everyday nude lipstick that is comfortable on the lips. It's fragrance free and shimmer free so that's a perk in my book! It doesn't wear the longest, but since it's such a neutral shade you don't need to worry about it smudging all over your face or fading unevenly.

One that I picked up a while back but have shown little to no love for is the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in Pale Petal. It's another light pink shade but since it isn't too opaque, it isn't anything overly harsh. This one has more of a glossy finish which I'm not sure is right for me. This one is actually more of a test to see if I'll still use it and if not, it may need to be given away to a friend or to the bin. * Note to self - ordering lipsticks online without swatching in person should never be allowed.

I've definitely given a mention to the NARS Audacious Lipsticks on here, with my favorite shade going to Barbara. However, the first shade I picked up was Anita which hasn't gotten all too much love since Barbara came into play. I decided to pull this out and I'm excited to add the browny pink back into my lipstick wardrobe. It's a slightly warmer version of Barbara with a touch more rose in it, and I think this shade would flatter most! Especially for Summer. Although these ones are at a slightly higher price point, they are completely worth it in my books. They are long-lasting, so comfortable on the lips, and when they do begin fading they do so evenly so you don't need to worry about it. I can't speak for the darker or brighter shades, but this definitely holds true for the more neutral shades. 

What are some lipsticks that you're looking to add into your rotation? I'm on the search for the perfect orange-red lipstick - if you have pale skin / yellow-undertone skin send your recommendations my way ASAP!