Tube Wringer | The Tool You Never Knew You Needed

A good few brands house some amazing products in metal tubes. And as beautiful as these tubes look when we first get them, our endless squeezing leaves them looking rather brutal and with tons of extra product at the bottom. I remember watching an old Estee video (back in the Essie Button days) and a random favorite she had was a Tube Wringer. Since watching that video I had always wanted one, but didn't feel like I actually needed one. Fast forward a few years and I've accumulated quite the number of metal tubes and during a late night Amazon browse I caved and purchased one. I opted for a metal one that was about $20 and I don't have any regrets. (There are cheaper alternatives if you don't want to spend but hey, photo aesthetics.)

Let's just start with the fact that all of all non-Aesop products in the photos belong to my mom. She has lotions scattered throughout the house and I was like a kid on an easter egg hunt looking for every metal tube I could to wring. I love the way the products look when the tubes have been run through the tube wringer and you really get your money's worth using up every last bit of product. 

The process is as easy as it gets and you just place the bottom of the tube between the opening and clamp down as hard as you can. Then you just proceed to twist the knob and voila - a picture perfect tube is ready to be used. You can pretty much bet that I'll be buying as many metal tube beauty/skincare products as I can from here on out. 

Do you have a tube wringer? Would this be useful to you?
Share the metal tube products you have so I can go out and get more items haha.