Rosy Mauve Lipstick Dupes

When I received the MUFE lipsticks last month (post here), I knew that I had a dupe for the shade C211 (Rose Wood) in my collection. However after I went swatching away, I didn't realize just how many dupes I had for it. I wanted to throw in some liquid lipsticks but decided to keep a similar matte/satin finish for this dupe post. (Looking at my swatches, the camera picked up the MUFE lipstick a tad more blue toned, although in person these looked mostly identical.)

I guess you could definitely say I have a type of lipstick that I'm naturally drawn to. And with Fall/Autumn right around the corner, I'm sure these will be making their way out into the rotations in some way or another. My boyfriend actually happened to be at my house when I was playing around and swatching - he literally yelled that they all look the same. And most times I disagree and note how each one is different, but in this case it was mainly the finish that differed between the lipsticks. I know the camera doesn't pick it up as well, but please excuse the editing as I didn't want to deter from the shades themselves. I won't blab on too much, but let's talk about each shade below from left to right.

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie  Break Away: This one is an interesting one with a sticky and glossy formula that is actually long lasting. It has a sweet scent and quite an interesting tube. This one is a good one as Ulta and Bare Minerals often have deals so you can get this for less.

MUFE 211: This one is absolutely gorgeous but as I had a ton of similar shades, I ended up gifting this one to my bff. I know she'll get much better use out of it than I would have. See more in depth thoughts of it in my post here - with a lip swatch. I know the color pulls a bit more blue toned here, but this was nearly indistinguishable from the next shade (Benefit) in person. 

Benefit Rush Hour (No Longer Produced). I was cleaning out my drawers recently and came across this which I got in a GWP a long while back. It's no longer made, but hey, if you were obsessed with this as a lip shade you'd be happy to find that the MUFE 211 is the best dupe for it. 

Bite Beauty Pepper: Back in March/April the beauty community went a bit crazy over the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks (I bought two in a nude lip craze I had - read here). The craze slightly died down only to be brought up again by the multisticks. I embarrassingly forgot about Pepper (and Chai) as the summer months rolled in and I abandoned the deeper nudes - and most lipsticks TBH. But this one is such a gorgeous color and one I'll be bringing back out soon enough. 

MAC Twig: This is one of my all time favorite MAC shades. It has a satin finish which sits so comfortably on the lips. It's a great option for those who want to rock those 90's lips without teetering too much on the side of brown. This wears well throughout the day and fades nicely - making it a great option for work or school wear.


What are some of your favorite rosy mauve lipstick shades? Have you tried any of these? Let's chat!

PS I've changed some things around on the blog, I hope you like it! I've been feeling a bit in a rut with my space, and I'm excited to be making a few changes round these parts. If there's anything missing that you'd like to see, or have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way!