Minimal Jewelry with Vrai & Oro

I'm quite smitten with minimal everything these days, and part of me wanted to up my minimal earring game. I have 4 ear piercings but in recent years I've gone earring-free. A little over a year or so back I got gold bar earrings which I have been obsessed with. But when I went to Europe I lost the backing to one and I stopped wearing them for the last 4ish months. I recently started using Pinterest again and came across some drool worthy minimal earring games (here) and it got me itching to add some new bits to my earring collection.

I follow Vrai & Oro on Instagram and after seeing the tiny dot earrings I caved and made an order. I ordered a new pair of bar earrings (in silver - just to mix up my usual gold obsession). And I ended up ordering two sets of the tiny dot earrings. I've got the idea of layering 2-3 dot earring together in a row, and am oh so very tempted to get some new piercings. Currently debating between a third lobe piercing / tragus piercing / double helix / double/triple forward helix. But as I'm a tad lazy to maintain a new piercing, I may just settle for a third lobe piercing as it's the easiest to care for and quickest to heal. I also feel like piercings could become an addiction, wanting to add new ones frequently. Tattoos are definitely like that, and I'm semi glad I stopped after one. (Although, not gonna lie, I do crave a new one every so often.)

Overall I am smitten with Vrai & Oro as a brand, from their brand to their aesthetics, down to their products. The brand is headed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California - so it definitely hits close to home. They only use 14k solid gold and diamonds in their products, creating high quality and simple designs that are made to last. My ears very much appreciate the materials as they've become quite sensitive to other materials. 

So long are the days when everyone would say "the best things come in little blue boxes" (aka Tiffany's) - bring on the simple white boxes.

Are you into the minimal jewelry trend? If so, send your favorite jewelry stores / Etsy stores / anything so I can find new pieces to love and wear!

- NOT Sponsored - I purchased these on my own.