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Milk Makeup is a brand I've been itching to try for months, especially whenever Kelsey does a post including/featuring them. I love the simplicity of their packaging and their overall brand. Unfortunately none of the Sephora stores near me stock Milk Makeup just yet, although I hear that the new Sephora store near me will carry it in the near future.

I ended up ordering this 'It's All a Blur' set online which features a few of their products: dry shampoo, mascara, highlight, face spray, lipstick, and micellar wipe.

1. Natural Dry Shampoo: I'm not a big dry shampoo fan/user as I actually don't mind washing my hair and the feeling of dry shampoo actually makes my hair feel dirtier. I decided to give this a try since I had it and oh man - this may be the thing to convert me. I usually wash my hair every other day but I actually think I'll end up using this for my second-day hair to help spruce things up a bit. It smells delightful and doesn't leave any thick feeling in my hair. It actually made my hair feel like it had just been washed, which I haven't felt with any other dry shampoo that I've tried. Two thumbs up from me.

2. Ubame Mascara: This isn't a waterproof one so my lashes went back to their pin straight nature. I've never tried a wand with the three round circles, but it was quite interesting. I'm not sure if it grips hair better but I was able to use the ball on the end to really coat those inner and outer lashes. I'll need to give the waterproof version a try to see how my straight lashes fair. 

3. Highlighter: This smells of coconuts and I've been using this on the tops of my cheeks for the past few days. I'll use my finger and dab a bit of this along my nose and on my cupid's bow. It does have a bit stickier of a consistency but nothing that is unbearable. If anything it helps give that dewy effect. I've also topped it off with a bit more of my BECCA highlight in Opal or Moonstone for some extra glow. There isn't much product in this but that's fine as I'm absolute crap at finishing products up. Perhaps with this small amount I'll be able to do it.

4. Lipstick in Grrl: This is straight out of my vampy lip dreams. It's perfect timing as Fall is right around the corner. It's a muted berry color and lets me achieve that grungy chic look. I'll definitely be pairing this with my motorcycle jacket for a night out. (Wannabe cool girl, right here.)

5. Micellar Wipe: I actually have yet to use this as I read online that it has a strong cucumber scent (which I absolutely cannot stand). I also didn't read too great of reviews on this so I'm not too keen on using it. Micellar water/wipes and I don't get along, so I'm not too sure I'll like it. But you can bet I'll have some thoughts on this in my next Empties post.


6. Face Mist: Face Mists are a foreign concept to me as I'm not a big face mister. I've used this a few times but I didn't find it to be anything special. Anyone else kinda flinch when they spray things at their face with closed eyes? Cause that's definitely me. This has no scent so if you've been looking for a gentle, soothing face mist this may be one to give a try to. It is a small size so I'm hoping I'll be able to easily use this up.

All six of these Milk products came in a holographic bag which I'll probably be using in the future to carry my liquids. // I had a minor disaster with my Glossier ziplock bag during my recent trip to Chicago as I overpacked and it ripped at the seams (lol). 

Also, when I was in Chicago, there was a new Sephora store that opened  on Michigan Ave and I decided to take a stroll in it while waiting for my dinner reservation. They had a Milk Makeup counter and I couldn't help but go a little swatch crazy in there. I don't particularly need anything, but I was quite tempted to pick up one of the gel brow pencils. The consistency was so smooth and I've been looking for a new product to use, so it's been added to my list!

What are some products you've tried from the brand? Send your recommendations for me to pick up during the next Sephora VIB Sale?

// PS In case you're wondering, the hexagons are tiles from Home Depot. The best ~$4.50 I've ever spent. And they make some great coasters when I'm not using them as photo props :D And I'm totally trying to convince my bf we need hexagon tiles in our future house.

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