The Giant Nude Lipstick Haul

I've had a shift in thinking of how I wanted to acquire new makeup. I wanted to build a collection of products I could reach for on any day and on any occasion, no matter what I was doing. And with that slowly clearing out and donating/giving away products I don't get enough use out of. Perhaps somewhat of a capsule makeup collection I suppose. With some stress shopping and a VIB sale, I've picked up quite a number of nude lip options. In typical Cindy fashion. I've been into the whole glowy, sun-kissed look and I think it pairs perfectly with a nude lip. 

To start, I went on a crazy Charlotte Tilbury splurge and had myself quite a treat yourself moment. I picked up the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Very Victoria, one that I'm pretty sure I've got Celina hooked on too (and she literally just got it). It's described as a suede nude taupe, but I just find that it wears as a nude lip with a hint of pink and brown underneath. I've been reaching for the Lip Cheat Pencil in Nude Iconic which has more than proved itself as a staple. I've sharpened it at least 3 times, and I've only had it for a few weeks.. This may possibly be the key to having any lip product last all. frickin. day. It claims to be a no-smudge, waterproof formula that won't feather or smudge and I can attest to that. It isn't too drying on the lips and could definitely be worn as an all over lip color for a sultry nude lip. My mom went on a bit of a Charlotte Tilbury spree herself and she picked up the Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl which I quickly took for myself (sorry mom). Read more about my Charlotte Tilbury picks H E R E .

And of course I am a huge fan of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, and I had been wanting to try one shade in particular - HoneyHold the frickin doors, cause this one may take the prize as my favorite shade. It is such a beautiful warm color on me that I could wear it everyday. In fact, it pretty much has a permanent home in my purse. I could easily scrap all the other shades I have (except Plum - I love Plum for Fall/Winter). If you want a color that adds a subtle amount of color to make your lips look full and healthy, this is the one!

I picked up my first full-size Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick during the VIB sale. Feel free to see what else I got H E R E . I snagged up the shade Bow n' Arrow which is a cult favorite - and for good reason I might add. It is described as a Fawn Nude and I'd say that it is a light brown which still allows some color from your lips to play a role. If you're weary about this shade, don't worry - it will not give you dead, conceale looking lips at all. I quite enjoy using this one when I go for fuller brows and a strong cat-eye. It just gives me a bit of a grunge, bad-ass vibe. (Is that even a thing?) 

Last up are the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks. I also snagged these up in the VIB sale as Celina and Hao were more than convincing when it came to the fact that I needed the shade Chai in my life. It's in my life, and I'm quite excited to wear it. It's a darker color as its described as a Mauve Brown - it'll make a great somewhat darker vampy color that can be worn year round. I also picked up Pepper was undoubtedly one of my favorite colors that I swatched out of the bunch. It's described as a Dusty Rose and looks great for days when I'm feeling a little dressier and want a lipstick that stands out a bit more. I'll admit I'm not used to wearing a non matte lipstick and it has me a bit hesitant to wear it to work right now. I can't stray away from my matte lipsticks which are budge proof and great for all day wear. However, the new formula of the Amuse Bouche lipsticks is extremely long lasting and moisturizing, so they're very comfortable on the lips. I've been slowly transitioning and wearing these out to dinner, mainly to see how the lipstick acts when I eat, drink, and talk my boyfriend's ears off. I think this line is great as there are so many colors that you can choose from and great for you to choose from for any occasion. 

I think it's safe to say that I've got my nude lipstick range covered for a while. Although I'm really sure that won't stop me from buying more. #lipstickaddictproblems

Have you tried any of these? What are some of your favorite nude lipstick shades? Any particular brands that do them particularly well?

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