I'm a sucker for lipsticks and rarely would I say no to lipstick. When I found out Influenster was going to send me three of the Make Up For Ever lipsticks to try from their new Artist Rouge line, I was pretty excited.

Let's start off with the packaging - They are metal tubes with packaging unlike any other lipstick I own. I do like the design as this prevents the lipstick from twisting up and smashing into the top of the lid. There's a lip print indented into the top of the tube - little details that make my heart happy. These are all black with a ring of silver at the bottom, so the shades are unidentifiable from the outside (very much like MAC lipsticks). The shades are also numbered which makes it a tad more difficult to know which shade it is without opening up.

I was sent 3 shades to test out: C502 (Taupe Violet)*, C211 (Rose Wood)*, C404 (Passion Red)*. 

C502 | The violet is a shade that is unlike any other that I have, and one that I (honestly) won't ever reach for. I'll keep it for now as Halloween is right around the corner and who knows, maybe I'll find a use for it this year.

C404 | The red, oh my goodness, the red. This is one of those gorgeous bright reds with blue undertones. This makes your teeth look so super white and just goes on with ease. These lipsticks are super opaque that I even dabbed off the lipstick with a tissue and it left a legit stain on my lips. If you're looking to add some color you could very well pat this into your lips for a lighter wear. I'll need to test this out with a lip liner and pair it with drinks and dinner to see how long it can truly last.

C211 | The rose shade is a beautiful one, although I do have some other similar lipstick shades in my collection that I could dupe it with. With that, I decided to pass this particular shade on to my bff because I know she'll make much better use of it!


These shades are all Satin Finishes and sell for $22 a pop. The lipsticks wear quite similarly to the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks, which in turn run for $26 a pop. So in comparison, these are cheaper and are much more widely available than the Bite Beauty line. They are crazy pigmented and apply a thick opaque layer in just one swipe. They are very comfortable on the lips and don't feel drying at all, they don't look overly matte nor do they look overly glossy. 

* MUFE states they do not test on animals, nor do their laboratories and suppliers. However, they do test on animals where required (such as China). Everyone has a different take on cruelty free and whether companies that sell their products in China, where animal testing is required by law, are cruelty free or not.