Cult Korean Beauty Products on Trial

I'm Asian but I've never really given Asian beauty/skincare products a try - aside from some face masks and a shampoo I love, I could probably count the number of products I've tried with my fingers. I'm not really sure why, but it's just something that I never really gave in to. I've tried a few haircare/skincare products that my boyfriend's sister got me a few years back, but other than that the product testing has been quite scarce. KBeauty has really taken the world by storm in recent years and I was quite excited when YesStyle reached out to me to see if I wanted to give some cult Korean beauty products a try.

1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: Out of everything I received, this is probably my favorite thing of the bunch. So much so that I have a whole post dedicated to it here. I have rather plump lips naturally but these have given me those "Kylie Jenner" pout lips that everyone craves so much. Each morning I wake up after using this and my lips look so full. I've just been layering a lip balm (Dior Lip Glow - in forever hopes of finally using it up) and walking out the door. On the plus side, my lips have never (ever) felt so soft.

2. Beauty People (Diamond Beige): This is a champagne eyeliner which I haven't used since I was in high school. I remember back in the day when everyone would use nude/white eyeliners to cover up redness in the waterline. It's not something I find too necessary but I've been reaching for this every once in a while to change up my eye makeup.

3. Berrisom Oops Cheek Tint: This is rather terrifying as you squeeze the product and a bit of it comes out of a round puff attached to the tube. It's very easy to squeeze too much so be sure to use a light hand to dab this on. I'm not used to cream cheek products in general so I'm still trying to work this one out. But it's light enough that I haven't had too big of an issue. And the forever solver is taking your foundation brush to help blend things out a bit.

4. Berrisom Oops Lip Tint: This is a rather fun fad that was all over Instagram/Facebook a few months back. It's a jelly lip tint that you apply all over your lips. You let it dry down and you peel it off and you should be left with stained lips to last all day. I wanted to make sure that I had an even stain so I wanted to make sure I had a nice thick even coat over my whole lips. I feel like I ended up squeezing out about half the tube to achieve this, and even then my lips came out a bit patchy. So unless you're going for the ombre lip fad, this one is probably one to skip. Although the idea is rather fun!

5. MacQueen Cushion Tint (Lip & Cheek) - No. 01 Light Pink: Let's just start off by saying this smells like strawberry - Strawberry Pocky Sticks to be exact. This is a thick mousse texture with a small doe foot applicator. It didn't sit too comfortably on the lips for me, felt a bit too drying. I did try applying this on my cheeks but it's a bit difficult - you have to work really fast with this one. A little goes a long way too, don't over-apply or you'll end up with pink doll cheeks. This works well with a damp beauty blender nearby to help blur things out a bit.

6. Etude House - Color My Brow (Rich Brown): This is a lighter brown which is a tad too light for me normally. However since my hair is currently lightened it doesn't look too off. But I know once I go darker with my hair (back to it's natural color) this will be a miss. I might give this to my mom as her hair and brow color are lighter than mine. The nib is more of a large cone/diamond shape so you can be a bit more precise with application.

7. Etude House BB Cream: No, no, no. I actually have not tried a BB cream ever, but this one had such a thick formula. I immediately wiped it off. I don't like heavy foundations or creams in general, and I just felt like my pores were getting clogged and a breakout was imminent. It's also a much lighter shade than I currently am so that's a no go. Perhaps I'm just applying it incorrectly? If so - send some suggestions. / But if you're looking something with high coverage, this may be the one for you to try.

8. Tony Moly I'm Real Face Mask (Tea Tree Mask Sheet / Skin Soothing): I haven't tried too many face masks, just a few from Korea that my boyfriend's sister got me (post here - major throwback). This one felt overly wet and was actually dripping down my face/neck. It was also a bit oversized so it was hanging over my lips and had to be scrunched up in certain areas to actually stay on my face. I did pull this one out when my skin was feeling overly fussy - it did tingle a bit so the tea tree really does work. 

9. Etude House Eye Patch (Not Photographed): I'm actually having a bit of an eye mask obsession right now so this one was more than welcome. I'm actually obsessed with an eye mask from The Face Shop, which is a Korean skincare store. So I was excited to see if this one came close to comparing. In short - it didn't. I like eye masks to be a thicker gel like consistency that really sticks to your skin. These were a thin film which almost felt as though they were slipping off of my face. I'd pass on these.

10. Tosowoong Nose Pore Strips: I'm always a fan of a nose strip. I don't have too much gunk in my pores so these are never that satisfying to look at afterwards, but nonetheless I do these every once in a while just to prevent any build up. I actually ended up giving half of these to my boyfriend as he likes using them / gets more use out of them. This came in a small box with 8 strips - which will last any person a good long while. It's also very cheap - so cookie points for that!

I've found that although I may not be too big a fan of these beauty products, I do seem to be a fan of Korean skincare and haircare products. I'm actually craving to make an order from Peach & Lily as there are so many items that have me drooling. Still in an effort to try and use up the products I already have, and am making good headway with that. 

If you have any suggestions on Korean / Asian skincare & haircare products, do send them my way!

*All products mentioned were sent to me for review, but all opinions are my own.
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