Asian Beauty Haul

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At the beginning of the Summer my boyfriend's family went abroad to Asia, and his mom was so sweet to bring me back some skincare goodies. I've never been one to be overly fond of Asian products, and I'm not too sure why. Here are a few that I have tried out and have been loving so far!

1. Mise en Scene Damage Care Shampoo: As I've frequently been touching up color in my hair for the past few months, my hair is damaged deep down, to say the least. Although I've been using oils and hair masks to repair my hair, there was more to be done. My boyfriend's mom suggested that I try this shampoo. First off, I want to say that this stuff smells amazing - not in a fruity way, but in a clean and relaxing way.  It is such a treat to lather it up in the shower. I can tell that my hair is significantly softer and it doesn't feel weighed down in any way. My friend was playing with my hair the other day and she commented how soft it was - I owe it all to this stuff right here. 

2. Foot Peel: Who has terrible dry/cracked heels? *Raises hand* I've always had rather dry skin, and my feet are no exception. TMI? Sorry. The last time they went abroad they brought back some foot peels and they gave me a few to try. These things are life changing - never in my life did I think I'd be able to have baby soft feet. Of course this stuff doesn't work overnight. It's a chemical peel where you soak your feet in bags for an hour to an hour and a half. Over the course of a week or two, your feet will slowly start to peel off. Yep - just like a snake. But once it all peels off you're left with extremely soft, touchable feet. This is definitely one to be part of a pamper routine.

3. Face Masks: Who doesn't loves a good face mask?

Fun fact: I didn't use any face masks until I was 21, and the first time I did was with my boyfriend. He has two sisters, and with three women in the household, let's just say they all know a little something about skincare. They had an entire drawer of masks to choose from and it pretty much spurred my addiction.

I'm intrigued by all different style of masks, whether they are clay, gel, or sheet masks. These particular masks are sheets and should be applied after washing and cleaning your face - this will help the ingredients absorb deep into your skin. The strawberry mask is meant to make your face refreshed and supple, the kiwi mask is meant to clear the skin, and the aloe mask is meant to soothe the skin. I'll definitely save these for a rainy day and let you all know how they play out!

Have you tried any Asian skincare or beauty products? What are some of your favorite Asian skincare products?

(I'm excited to pick up some European skincare goods during my trip, please leave any suggestions for European drugstore picks in France and Italy!)