Current Nighttime Skincare Favorites // B&W

Skincare, First Aid Beauty, Bobbi Brown Makeup Remover, Boscia, Boscia Black, Kiehl's Eye Cream

Once I get into the routine of using a product, it's extremely difficult for me to get out of it. Call me a creature of habit why don't ya. Over the past year, I've become a regular with my skincare. I've found products that my skin agrees with completely, and it has been pretty hard for me to get out of this routine. PS - just realized that everything is black and white here. My bathroom counter has been looking pretty minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing, not gonna lie.

I make it a point to take off all of my makeup before I sleep - always. (Naps excluded, well, because I frequently take naps). Some of my friends know this - but on occasion when everyone has been out and about and we all go back home late and crawl into bed, I will walk around with makeup wipes to take makeup off of anyone too tired to do it themselves. 

Good skin karma, please come back to me in the future.

 On a daily basis I don't wear too heavy of foundation, but I do wear a lot of waterproof eye makeup. At the end of the day I use a cotton pad and the Bobbi Brown Eye Makeup Remover to get all of it off. Personally, I prefer this to the Bioderma Micellar Cleanser. I'm also a night showerer, so I move forward with the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. I have been using this stuff for the past two(ish) years, and it is probably favorite face wash ever (as noted by my previous empties post here). This face wash is unscented, foamy, and leaves my skin feeling clean - but not stripped or dry. I like to think of this step as washing away all of the dirt that accumulates on my face throughout the day. 

Bobbi Brown Makeup Remover, Instant Longwear Remover, Eye Makeup Remover

I usually go about the normal shower process, and before I'm done I'll go ahead and use the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser. I had previously heard a lot of about Boscia and went ahead and redeemed some points at Sephora for a deluxe sample of this cleanser. Basically, I loved it. And I ended up purchasing the full-sized product. This cleanser warms up on contact with your skin, helping to open and de-clog your pores. It is extremely gentle and non-abrasive, and I have noticed that the appearance of my skin has greatly improved. This paired with the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, previously reviewed here, is pretty much perfection. I love this step as it is the cherry on top to my shower, this pretty much leaves me with the feeling of being squeaky clean.

As soon as I jump out of the shower, I like to ensure that all the makeup around my eyes is gone. I'll go in with a Q-Tip and the Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover. This will pick up any lingering product between my lashes, and any leftover makeup near my bottom lashes. I've read that people have issues with stinging and strong scents - I have not experienced either of these, and am actually confused as to why people are experiencing this. This stuff is so gentle, and a lot less oily than the Lancome Bi-Facil Makeup Remover (which I used to use religiously in college).

I massage in some of the Boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel, which also happens to be a tried and true deluxe sample to full-size purchase. It is a gel moisturizer and really just absorbs and sinks into the skin. I love how lightweight it is and it has been a go-to item for me during these warm summer months. It also has a pump mechanism, similar to the Kate Somerville moisturizers, so A+ for sanitary reasons - no dipping of dirty fingers into a jar!

Last up is my all-time favorite, the Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream. I've gone through so many of these jars, and I tried to stay away but I've returned. I finally finished through my Bobbi Brown eye cream, but I needed to use the Kiehl's one. I'm still too young to really notice any significant difference, but I love the cooling feeling and the knowledge that I'm helping my skin for the future. 50+ year old me should be thankful, amiright?

Skincare, First Aid Beauty, Bobbi Brown Makeup Remover, Boscia, Boscia Black, Kiehl's Eye Cream

In short, I'm pretty much an enforcer when it comes to night time skincare. I personally can't sleep well unless I've showered and taken all the makeup off. 

What are some of your favorite nighttime skincare regime products?