Haircut & Color // Random Favorite Little Things

There are many things in life to enjoy, but one of my personal favorites is getting my hair done.  I thought this would be perfect for one of my first 'Random Favorites' posts. I recently got a haircut that I am seriously in love with. 

Haircuts & coloring sessions are a splurge, and a definite treat. Getting my hair done wasn't always rainbows and butterflies, there have been tears shed and hats to be worn. Growing up I used to always go to Asian salons, which pretty much left me with multiple traumatic experiences. My parents' reasoning behind these traumatic cuts: cheap ($). Their view on American salons were: 1) expensive ($$$) & 2) unnecessary. I'd always get thrown into a vicious cycle of over layered (guys, like near-mullet status..) and overly thinned out hair. I attribute most of it to the fact that I can't actually speak Chinese, so there was a definite language barrier there. Fortunately my hair grows back extremely fast (like an inch+ a month), and I'm lucky to have lots of it. But about time that my hair would be back to normal from a bad haircut, it would be time for a haircut again. 

Towards the end of my high school years, I began saving up to go to my first "expensive" haircut. And following that experience, I learned that expensive does not necessarily mean better. Finding your hair stylist is very much like finding a relationship. Overdramatic? Maybe. I've learned that it's a lot about communication, and photos from Pinterest never hurt. Perhaps I am just overly-attached to my hair. One thing I always wanted to try growing up was coloring my hair, but I was afraid of that dreaded line - you know, when the lightening doesn't fade in nicely, but leaves a solid line of where the lighter color begins. And with that language barrier, I was not going to try that at an Asian salon. Especially on darker colored hair, this line is all too close to a possibility. I didn't color my hair until I was 21 - YEP - and once I did it I was never going back. The stylist was also overly excited with my long, virgin hair, and that was pretty much the start of my love affair.

I love when my hair is colored, it just adds a lot more dimension and looks great straight or curled. But especially curled. Two weeks back I got my hair cut and let me tell you - I am in looove. My new stylist, who I will definitely return to, gave me long flowing layers, and gave my existing balayage a beautiful ashy brown/caramel glaze refresher. She also used a coloring treatment/ingredient that has kept my hair soft, smooth, and 100% maintainable. 

Also, I wish someone could style my hair like this everyday. I was flipping my hair around all over the place - I really couldn't help it. 

What are some of your favorite hair cuts/color endeavors that turned out to be the best decision ever?