WIMB | Music Festival - Outside lands 2016

Music festivals are a huge deal these days. Tt seems like more and more festivals are popping up and more individuals are in attendance. I've been to Coachella twice before and after last year I decided enough was enough. I skipped out this past April and broke my post-college tradition but that just made room for another festival, and one that just happens to be much closer to home: Outside Lands. This festival takes place in San Francisco, CA at Golden Gate Park and will take place over 3 days (Friday-Sunday).

Heading to music festivals takes a teeny bit of planning, namely weather checking and band lineups. Service reception tends to be poor during the actual event due to the mobs of people in one area so planning ahead is key. Although the widely thought "sunny California" should mean shorts, tanks, and sandals for a summer festival in early August, that would probably be far from the truth. SF is right by the bay (hence, Bay Area) and always has a nice little fog hovering around - ever heard of Karl the Fog? The weather for the weekend is set to be in the low/mid 60s (F) | 15(C) | with clouds - which means it can get pretty cold. I'll be carrying around a scarf with me everyday and I'm looking into purchasing an OSL blanket so I can lounge around on the grass with friends! 

Besides my scarf/jacket/blanket, I'll be toting around some sunglasses - and you can bet I'll be sporting my Céline sunnies. Although last minute I may swap them out with some old RayBans because if I lost/broke these - I'd probably cry. With the cold air and sanitizer I'll be using throughout the day, it's crucial that I bring lotion so I'll be lugging around my Aesop hand cream which is in tip-top shape thanks to my trusty new Tube Wringer Tool

It wouldn't be an event without a camera and although I'll probably use my phone when I'm shoulder-to-shoulder in an audience watching stages, I'll be sporting around my Sony which I have yet to take out enough on adventures. To make sure I have enough juice in my electronics to keep going all day, I'll be bringing my portable battery pack which is the Mophie Powerstation. It's smaller than my iPhone 6S and easily tucks into any small pocket. It can charge my phone at least 2-3 times, or once or twice and give my camera a full charge.

Always always always bring a reusable water bottle to these types of event. There are usually plenty of free water fill up stations and that more than beats the (extortionist) pricing of water at these events. Stay hydrated and stay safe!

I've been wanting to pick up a Fjällräven
Kånken' Backpack
 for a while now and I used the Nordstrom Anniversary sale as an opportunity to do so ($10 if you sign up for mobile rewards!). 

I went with the shade 'Graphite' which actually looks a bit like an old worn in Navy color. These backpacks fit quite a good amount of stuff and is unisex (which means I can easily hand it off to my boyfriend to wear hehe). 

This is the first of many trips I'll be taking this on and I'm excited for all the many adventures to have with this!

Let me know what types of items you pack when you head out to a music festival!