Monthly Favorites | J U L Y

Well the months are just rolling by and in no time, Fall will be upon us! And I'm so ready to bring out the boots, dark lips, and cozy scarves and knits. But until then I'll be savoring all the glowy and sunkissed makeup. See what I've been reaching for in July that have made it into my favorites roundup!

I have more or less been reaching for the same type of makeup this past month, and if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen a few favorites popping up a lot lately. Let's get into it:

NARS VELVET MATTE TINTED MOISTURIZER | I have this in the shade Alaska and although the name says 'matte,' don't let it fool you because this still allows a bit of glow to shine through your skin. I am trying to focus in and use a foundation for a week or two at a time, maybe mixing up every once in a while. But this is mainly so I can actually make use of my many hoards of products.

NARS DUAL INTENSITY BLUSH IN CRAVING | This. THIS. Talk about going from a non-favorite to a favorite that I've been reaching for everyday. Now that I have a bit more color in my skin I've been using the lighter side to highlight the tops of my cheeks and using the darker side as a deeper bronzy blush that adds a natural glow. These two shades get a major thumbs up from me.

STILA STAY ALL DAY LIQUID LINER | I ran out of my KVD liner and after that lasted me a mere 2 months, I decided to go back to an old favorite. Partially because I had a $10 coupon from Ulta for my birthday and as this was an essential, getting it half off was a steal I couldn't turn away from. I'm slowly remembering why I loved it as it leaves such a dark wing with the ease of a swipe.

BECCA SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTOR PRESSED (OPAL) | With a bit of a tan, I've been reaching for this as opposed to my typical HG highlight BECCA in Moonstone. When I'm not using my NARS blush, I'm layering this on top of Moonstone for the ultimate summer glow. (Can't wait for my Glossier Haloscope in Quartz to come in so I can layer it under Opal and/or Moonstone!

BURBERRY FRESH GLOW LUMINOUS FLUID BASE (NO. 01) | I think I've found the secret to a healthy glow and that is this Burberry primer. This pairs well under any type of foundation for me, both powder and liquid. It gives that serious lit from within glow and gives you that healthy tan that looks like you caught some sun over the weekend. A little goes a long way and with the constant use I've been giving this little tube, it's held up pretty well. I'm dreading coming to the end of it as buying the full price will definitely be a bit painful to the wallet. (If you have any similar products that do this job - please please please send the name my way.)

GLOSSIER GENERATION G (JAM) | I had been waiting for this for ages and when I got the email from Glossier stating that this was back in stock, you bet I jumped on it. I do love this shade as it leaves that 'just ate a popsicle' effortless effect on the lips. I will say that your lips need to be in relatively good condition to use this or the product will look deeper and settle into cracks. This vaguely reminds me of my favorite Laura Mercier lipstick in Sin which has now been discontinued (sad. times. man.). Eyeing some more neutral friendly shades because #lipstickaddict.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIP CHEAT PENCIL IN ICONIC NUDE | I mentioned this in my CT Brand Focus back in April (read HERE), and the feelings have not changed at all. I've definitely done some work on this but a little goes a long way. This lip pencil has lived in my purse since I got it and that's largely because it goes with so many of the nude lipsticks I've had on rotation lately. See some of my favorite nude lipsticks that I've been reaching for and loving these past few months (HERE). This really helps keep lip products on for hours and keeps them relatively budge free. Two thumbs up from me.

August is set to be a busy month: Outsidelands this upcoming weekend, a quick trip to Southern California (Los Angeles) the week after, and a trip to Chicago later this month. I'll be a busy bee and I'm *hoping* I'll be able to keep up with this space on a regular schedule during these next few busy weeks. If I let things slip worry not, I'll be back soon enough!

I'm thinking of blogging every day (or every other day) in September so be sure to leave some blog post ideas of any posts you'd like to see from me! And please let me know what you've been loving lately, I always love to see the new happenings around the beauty blogisphere!