New In | Chanel WOC

So I may have mentioned a while back that I made a spendy little purchase for my birthday. Annnd I've finally decided to share this little gem with you guys. I turned twenty-five and I wanted to treat myself to something nice to celebrate this little life milestone. I've wanted a Chanel bag for years and years now, and when I went to Paris last year I ended up picking up a different bag that I felt was more appropriate at the time - the Céline Trio. (Read why I say it's worth the splurge HERE). I had initially been deterred by Chanel in the past year or so as I thought it was a bit much for me to carry around. But in recent months this little WOC (Wallet on Chain) has popped up numerous times and you could say it just stole my heart.

I was fortunate enough to have my brother going to Paris and he was kind enough to agree to pick up this bag for me. If I have ANY advice for purchasing a designer bag, it would be to purchase it in Europe if you're from a different country. With the exchange rate and the VAT refund, you safe yourself a hefty fund (like seriously hefty).

I am a bit sad that I wasn't able to experience the whole buying process, but from what my brother told me it was quite a luxe experience. Until next time Paris - perhaps I'll add another quilted piece into my bag fam.

It was a relatively easy decision between caviar and lambskin for me. I'm not a huge fan of the lambskin look as I knew it would be one that would easily show scratches and imperfections - which is why caviar spoke to me so easily. Especially with this pricey of a bag, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be heartbroken over any scratches or nicks. 

The hard part for me came down to the hardware - gold or silver. This is one I struggled with and actually asked a lot of others for their opinion. I initially was drawn to silver as it was one I felt could be dressed down for daily use, yet still dressed up for a night out or special event. But then I was drawn to gold as it's a classic - not to mention most of my jewelry is in the gold metal family. I actually had my brother just go and whichever one was available I would get. Well silver was out of stock and miraculously gold was available - so I guess it was just meant to be.

As you can see the interior of the bags are a burgundy/wine shade. Great as any dirt marks would be a bit more difficult to spot. There are 6 card holder slots which is more than enough for one person - carry the bare minimum ladies. There is a zippered compartment in the main body of the bag as well as on the flap - feel free to store any valuables (i.e. passport) or cash/coins in these compartments. There are also open pockets within the bag and on the exterior of the bag that allow for quick stowing of items. The overall bag is rather spacious for it's small body, and I can fit my iPhone 6, keys (car/house/work+), lip balm, hand cream, and still have room to spare. 

I'll be honest and say that I have yet to take this little one out. First off because it's my current bag baby and I'm a bit timid to take it out. Second because standing at 5'1" the chain is a smidge too long on me. I've researched some other ways to shorten it and have found some ways that I like. Stay tuned as I plan to make a post on how to style the Chanel WOC as a petite gal.

What are your thoughts on WOC type bags? Do you have any / would you buy one?