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White sneakers. There's just something about white and light colored sneakers that I've always been drawn to. From Converse, to Keds, to TOMS - you name it. I had a pair of Adidas when I was in middle school (light pink stripes - no shame) and I remember thinking I was so cool (hah). You know, back in the day when you would buy a new pair of shoes at the beginning of the year and wear them until their demise. When Adidas came back on the scene a few years back, part of me was itching to get another pair. But then I didn't really wear sneakers much and thought - what's the point?

When I was in Europe last September I noticed a ton of girls wearing Adidas sneakers (Stan Smith and Superstars) and that was pretty much what pushed me over the edge. I began my search but not to my surprise, they were sold out everywhere and were nearly impossible to get your hands on. A few months back I was browsing Urban Outfitters and saw that the Stan Smith shoes were to be restocked later in August/September, so I bookmarked to check back.

I recently came across a shopping app called Octer which allows you to search for items across the Internet. They'll pull up every online store that has the item you want and will allow you to compare prices. Technology and shopping right at your fingertips. I went a little outside of the box and thought about what I wanted and of course I thought this would be a great way to check if any stores had the *Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker (Navy) in stock. And much to my delight, I found out that Nordstrom was carrying it. If you've been searching for these, head over to the site or any store! They're in stock and in large quantities.

I'm quite excited with these and I can't wait to whip them out once the weather cools down. I'm sure I'll be reaching for these every weekend (and thank goodness for casual Fridays). You can be I'll be doing some OOTD posts with these little guys soon.

What are your perfect type of sneakers? Have you ever tried any shopping apps?