May Weekend To-Do List

My busy work season is over and I finally feel like I have some breathing room. Tax season is also behind us and the summer months are soon upon us. I just know the rest of the summer is going to fly by and soon it will be Fall! With the weekend right around the corner I thought I'd share some of my to-do list items for the next few weekends.

1. Head to the Farmer's Market. My boyfriend and I are running low on fresh vegetables and we've been cooking more so it's definitely necessary. Farmer's Markets tend to be cheaper and fresher - it's always a win-win! The weather's getting warmer as well so I just know it'll be even nicer to stroll around. I also want to pick up some new greenery/florals to decorate around the home and use as props in photos - that's really why I want to go and my bf totally knows it LOL.

2. Get organized with blog stuff. With this year's tax season behind me, I realize just how important it is to be better organized with my blog, income, and expenses. In the beginning of creating this blog, I was really doing it for fun and as a hobby. While I still fully intend on keeping my full-time job, I do consider my blog as a side business (and I actually am making enough $ that the government considers it one too). While it would be a dream to do this full-time, I genuinely do love my day job too and feel it's important to do work that you are proud of as well. I am trying to be more organized and hopefully this will make everything flow easily come next year around tax season. My dad helped me this year and let me tell you - it was a slight struggle and a lot of confusion. Definitely thankful to have him around to help with this kind of stuff.

In accordance with this, I think I need to have a little digital detox / organization. I like to reference my own 'Organizing your Day-To-Day Life Post' because it's always a good reference and personally, my digital world can get out of control very quickly. Recently I've let my emails go out of control and it hit above the 2K mark - I've been slowly working on unsubscribing to companies (mostly to curb my bad spending habits) and to ease up on emails that I always deleted without opening. I'm happy to have my emails under the 100 mark now and hopefully we can keep this more in control. I had also been downloading a few apps here and there and finally got around to organizing them on my phone (it took me a few weeks..). I definitely need to have an organization of my photos because I have wayyyy too many - I'm also terrible at sending people photos too. [Lil - if you're reading this.. I will get you your graduation photos soon :( ] 

3. Pamper myself. I'll be going to Palm Springs later this month for my friend's bachelorette! It's going to be a super low-key weekend with a ton of relaxation and lounging near the pool - I am so ready for it. I've also been so lucky to receive so many self-tanning products that I'm actually going to try and use them in par with basking in the sun. Hopefully I come back a bronzed goddess of some sort - although let's be real, my pale self will probably burn. But anyways - prior to that I definitely want to get my nails done and it's not really something I do regularly so I have to get my butt off the couch and call soon to make an appointment. I also have not gotten my eyebrows threaded since I went on my cruise to Mexico back in October/November (yikes - long overdue for sure). 

4. Tidy up our patio. Living on the first floor has it's pros and cons - one massive con is that our upstairs neighbor thinks its ok to dump all their sh*t onto our patio below (aka shaking out their vacuum, dryer lint sheet, and rugs), leaving piles and clumps of lint, various types of hair, and just trash on our floor. We're gonna report them for sure because I was home one day and heard loud banging while things floated down in front of my window onto our floor - - caught them in the act red handed. Anyways - we need to get a broom to sweep the outside because I don't want Ollie walking around outside and eating anything. Someone in our building was also giving away some metal shelving units which we quickly jumped at the opportunity to snag. We're gonna build them up and maybe start our own little herb garden outside - we'll start small though and probably just do basil and green onions (lol). We're also hoping to get a mini grill of some sort so we can start BBQing because warm weather means being outside more and eating all the good food - yum. 

5. Gear up for Taylor Swift. I'll admit, I'm not part of that SWIFTIES crew. My best friend bought tickets and I'm semi being forced to go. I don't really listen to her but it's one of those situations where you pretty much know all the lyrics because all her songs play on the radio so. damn. much. I also have never gone to a concert for a female singer so I'm sure this will be a change in scenery for me! Hopefully she plays some oldies because her songs always play on the radio so as much as I don't listen to her, I know the lyrics to a lot of her songs.

6. Finalize all the drafted posts I have queued up. I have a ton of posts that need to be finalized and posted. I was definitely going through a rut before and I think I'm finally breaking out of it. I think I have a lot to say on the subject so I'll do a separate little post on that another time (hopefully within the next few weeks and not months from now). Part of it had to do with putting too many eggs in different baskets and feeling overwhelmed to meet expectations. I'm going to be cutting back on the "different baskets" and really just go with the flow. Also it helps immensely that we have sunlight until almost 8PM - and it's just going to stay brighter later for longer. Woo! I'm not sure if I'll be getting back to 2 posts a week regularly, but I am aiming for at least one. And hopefully a few posts will come here and there.

7. Plan New York! My boyfriend and I aren't going on any big trips this year, although we do have four more weddings to go to this year. So... $$$. Although I'm trying to convince him to go to Europe (as always), I don't think it's gonna happen this year. He did say we could go to New York though so hopefully that happens! I did a little poll on Instagram a while back and asked which months you guys thought was best - and pretty much everyone said October was perfect. And also that NY in the summer just smells like hot trash (is this real??). I just finished binging the entire series of Gossip Girl and that made me so much more excited to go. We always watch Friends reruns too so this has been a constant stream of excitement. So many people gave such incredible suggestions on what to do / where to stay / what to eat. I have a lot more research to do, but hopefully we can get this set in stone. 

What are some items on your to-do list? Any exciting plans for the warmer seasons? Let me know!