An Intro to Mad Hippie Skincare

Green Beauty is definitely something I'm looking to try more of, so I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity to test out a hefty portion of Mad Hippie's skincare range. While some products were hits, I definitely had some misses too.


Cream Cleanser | I've been in such a cleanser testing mode lately as I usually gravitate towards one cleanser - my Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (which shouldn't come to any surprise for regular readers). However, this glass jar with a nice pump was definitely more than welcome. It has a very runny but creamy consistency which feels so good and soothing on the skin. It can easily be used as an AM cleanser or a PM cleanser (I like to use it as my second cleanse). With ingredients like orchid extract, macadamia nut oil and sodium hyaluronate, this one claims to give a softening and smoothing effect and boy does it deliver. I've been using this one regularly for about three+ weeks and I think my skin has been looking plump and overall just good. Honestly, if there's only one product you try from the brand - let it be this one.

Facial SPF | This is one I wanted to love but unfortunately could not get along with. I wanted to love this one as it contains a blend of red raspberry, avocado, and carrot oil to bring sun-blocking and skin-nurturing ingredients to life. This one claims to be leave a no-residue layer but I beg to differ. The top of the lid says to shake well and while I'll give it a good shake, it leaves the worst white cast. The first time around I applied two full pumps on my face and neck. To my horror, it left such a white cast all over my face and I legit stood in my bathroom for a few additional minutes trying to rub the product into my skin to get rid of it. In a rush to get to work, I ended up taking a tissue paper and wiping excess product off my face to not look like a pasty ghost. I tried this a few more times (mostly on weekends) and as much as I shook or as thin of a layer I applied, I still got the white cast. Even my boyfriend stared at me and was like "babe, you got some stuff on your face.." - - no thanks. I wanted to like this one but it's gonna be a pass for me bc I'm always in too big of a rush to head out the door.

Hydrating Nutrient Mist | This one is a hit and a miss. While I like the product as a sort of toner, I do not like this one as a face mist. Usually I preface using any face mist by spraying it into open air to get a gist of how the spray is - is it a nice even mist, or one that just comes in out in a sharp stream. Unfortunately I didn't do that with this one and was unfortunately jet sprayed onto my face. Sometimes I really don't understand why it's so hard to have a nice fine mist spray that's pleasant to spritz on your face. I ended up spritzing this one onto a cotton round and then patting it onto my skin which works fine. Mad Hippie also recommends spraying this one into your hands and patting it into your face. While I already have some other toners / face mists that I prefer, I think I'll pass this one off to someone else and just reach for my other favorites.

Eye Cream | I have a lot of eye creams and I'm pretty content with the two that I use on a regular basis - the Youth to the People Eye Cream & Farmacy Eye Cream. When this one came along, I had to give it it's due diligence and try it - and while it did feel nice on the eyes and did not give me milia, I didn't care much for the scent. It has a sweet scent which is totally fine and which faded quickly, but I just prefer my other eye creams which are unscented. I do love that this one came with an airless pump as it's less likely to carry any bacteria which is great - especially when the product is going near your eyes. I ended up passing this along to a friend who was telling me she was in need of an eye cream.

Antioxidant Oil | While looking through their oil and serums, one product that caught my eye was the Antioxidant Oil. A product that helps hydrate your skin while protecting against photo aging? Sign. Me. Up. In recent years I've become super gung-ho about sun care for my skin. The other day I was talking to my co-workers (who are not aware that I even have this space) about their sunscreen use - or lack thereof. One proceeded to tell me how she does not use sunscreen, let alone moisturizer, and I'm pretty sure I just looked like :O. Another one mentioned how using a moisturizer with SPF in it would be good enough! Which I just looked like :|. I agreed that it was better than nothing, but that they all should really use a dedicated sunscreen of some sort. Long story short - I think protecting your skin and face (as it's the only one you've got) is quite important and it's better to be preventative than to try and be corrective later. The oil is comprised of argan oil with a mixture of various fruit extracts which all help with the overall appearance of your skin. I've been working this into my routine but as someone that has a million and one serums (photo for reference), it's hard to push aside a bunch to dedicate myself to one oil only. I will use this for a few days at a time and I have seen some difference in redness, while I wouldn't necessarily say it helped with any hyper pigmentation (yet anyways). They do have quite a bit of various serums, and I am interested in trying the Exfoliating Serum one day! 


Mad Hippie products weren't really on my radar before but I had seen them occasionally on Anthropologie's beauty section. They're also available at Free People but can most likely be found at your local Vitamin Shoppe or Whole Foods. If you're in the U.S., you can check out to see what stores near you in your state carry their products here.


These products were gifted to me but all opinions remain my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

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