Organizing Your Day-To-Day Life Online

I've been saying this quite some bit lately, but tidy space = tidy mind. I've always been quite a neat and organized person, but in the last few years I feel as though a lot of my life has become cluttered, from my computer, to my schedule, to my room/home. It has led me to feel a bit overwhelmed, but I'm trying to take steps to be more organized in my day-to-day life.

  1. Organize your emails until you reach 'zero.' I don't know about you guys, but I often (embarassingly) put this off. My number was almost in the 2K (I know, don't look at me) - but spending an hour to tidy up your emails makes a world of a difference.
  2. Unsubscribe from email marketing. This goes with the first point - while you're organizing your emails, unsubscribe from any companies/newsletters that you're really not keen on receiving.
  3. Sort through and organize/delete photographs on your computer. I don't know about you guys, but I have hoards of photos on my computer. So much so that my laptop is running out of space (and probably slowly dying). 
  4. Organize all folders and files on your computer. This one is important, especially in correspondence with the point before. Sometimes organizing my photos into folders means I'll delete any out of focus / unused photos. This also helps to remove old word documents you may no longer need.
  5. Unsubscribe from social media accounts that you no longer relate to / find joy reading through. This one's kind of a sensitive topic. I often follow blogs/IG accounts that I enjoy browsing through. Sometimes my taste changes, sometimes their style changes - it doesn't have to be a "forever" relationship. If you're not particularly enjoying seeing the content on your everyday feed, it's ok to click "unfollow."
  6. Delete unused apps on your phone. Apps are easy to download, especially when you're board and browsing through the app store. But these can take up space, and it's good to go through every once in a while and make sure your favorite apps are updated, and any unused apps are removed. (Hey - it's not permanent. You can always go back and add them back if you miss them.)
  7. Delete old text message threads on your phone. When I was younger I used to like and go back and read old texts - kind of just like how you go back and read old written letters. But with texts taking up precious space (especially those group texts), just delete them.
  8. Back up old files. This is so important, and especially for those that love taking photos (like me). I imagine the day that something corrupts my computer and I lose all my photos. (I. would. die.) Buy an external hard drive and just back up your computer. Just do it.
  9. Clean up your notes apps. I often use the app to jot down random thoughts I have throughout the day. Sometimes I take the time to make a coherent note or delete any random, useless babbles.
  10. Utilizing your phone calendar. Ok, I'm all for physical planners. I love writing things out and ticking things off as the days go on. But having your itinerary at your fingertips makes life so easy to maneuver. Schedule in your workouts, events, dinners/catch-ups with friends. Set aside blocked times to clean, write posts, take photos, etc. My boyfriend and I actually have a shared calendar which comes quite in handy as we can let the other know if we have events with our friends/family ahead of time. This also helps to avoid any "forgetfulness" surrounding your partner's pre-planned events.

This is a little bit of a different post, but I hope you guys enjoyed it! I love blogging, but sometimes I feel like I shouldn't put everyday life (and organizing) to the side. So hopefully implementing these types of posts serve as a way to help myself keep things sorted. What are some ways you stay organized online (computer, phone, life, etc.)?