Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Palette

*Cue angels singing.* That's the sound I hear when I open this palette because not only do you get one highlight, you get four. Now these ABH palettes have been all the rage since they first came out, but for some reason I just was not interested in any of them. (Which is kind of insane, because ABH bring out the A-game for all their products. So. Dang. Well.)

Now I mentioned last month (here) that I was a bit disappointed in the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Surreal Light. I absolutely hate returning items and usually try my best to swatch things in stores ahead of time. However this was quite the overhyped Limited Edition Product and seeing as though I loved the first one so much, I decided to jump on the wagon and order it. Needless to say, I had to part ways with it and return it back to Sephora. Lack of pigmentation, cheapness in packaging, those are just a few reasons why I wasn't a fan.

Anyways, as I hate returning products I decided to just use the credit to buy some products immediately. (I used to work in retail and returns were the demise of store hourly goals.) So making a purchase when returning is how I *try* to help balance it out. 

I had been reading on Faith's blog about this ABH Glow Kit Palette in Sun Dipped, and when I saw a whole stack of them freshly stocked in the ABH aisle, I ran over and swatched, swooned, and proceeded straight for the registers. (Partially so I wouldn't be tempted by anything else.) I love the variety of color and love that I can easily double them as eyeshadows. I don't have shades too similar to any of these in my collection so these did help in the warm-toned section of my makeup masses.

There are four shades in this palette:
Bronzed – Amber with a penny metal finish
Tourmaline – Warm taupe with a rose gold finish
Moonstone – Radiant quartz with a pearl finish
Summer – Luminous sand with a white gold finish

I'm actually a huge fan of the bottom right shade which happens to be named Moonstone. Along with Becca Moonstone, my HG highlight, it seems I have a thing for highlights with that name. It has a hint of peach to it and looks great on my cheeks - its just a little something else. Now Summer is a bit more similar to Becca Moonstone, but it is a bit more on the lighter side. And it packs an intense glow. Bronzed is one I haven't experimented too much with on my face, but it makes such a gorgeous eyeshadow. Now if only I had bright blue eyes, this would be the one to make them pop. The last shade, possibly one that intrigued me the most, is Tourmaline. It looks gorgeous as a blush and as an eyeshadow - a warmer version of Burberry's Pale Barley which is one of my favorite eyeshadows.

These highlights are buttery, pigmented, and just overall dimes. I find that they do kick up a bit of product so although I love using my Morphe fan brush for an effortless application, I've been reaching for my Sigma Tapered Highlighter Brush to pick up the perfect amount of product and apply to the tops of my cheek. And boy do these pack a punch.

Overall, I think these are an absolute deal. For $40, each pan breaks down to $10.  And in the beauty world, we all know that is a steal. For a little comparison: each pan in these glow kits comes with .26oz of product, while the Becca highlighters come with .28oz at $38. So you can get nearly 4 times the product in the ABH glow kits for about the same price as one Becca highlight. So if you're on a budget, I would highly recommend picking up one of these ABH Glow Kits. Even better if you can pair this with a sale (hint hint - VIB Sale is coming soon)!

Have you tried out the Anastasia Glow Kits? What are your thoughts?