Non-Beauty Favorites V. I

So long before I started beauty blogging, I spent a lot of time online window shopping / and actual online shopping buying clothes and shoes. (Don't even get me started on shoes.) I definitely grew up hoping and dreaming of having a shoe closet like Carrie Bradshaw one day and started accumulating quite the number of shoes whilst I was in high school and college. Unfortunately, as I've gotten older, I've realized just how much I despise heels. My max comfort height is probably 2 3/4" as that lets me walk around comfortably without any discomfort. When I head out to events, I'd much rather wear flats and be comfortable than be in pain in about an hour lol. 

Anywho, after I started this blog space, a lot of my money went towards buying makeup and skincare bits to try. These days, I am up to my neck in products to try and have been saving my $$$ for elsewhere. I noticed lately how drab my wardrobe has become - especially as I've fallen back in the rut of work-wear and casual-wear blending in with no new spiced up pieces. Fashion is always changing, and I'm more on the conservative side when it comes to trying new styles. When I went to Europe a few years ago I loved how effortlessly girls were wearing sneakers with their business wear. When I went to Asia last year, I loved how the girls all had such comfortable looking work wear - and also culottes. I was so bummed I didn't find any good pants while I was in Asia, but the search continues. I'm working on building up a wardrobe that I am content with and am working on posting up pieces I'm not loving as much on Poshmark or donating them off to Goodwill. I'm still loving the mindset of fewer, better things (a la Cuyana), 

For accessories, I've definitely paced myself with adding in new pieces as I'd rather be sure about a piece before investing in it. As I mentioned in my life lately post, I mentioned that I was kindly gifted a beautiful DW Watch. I'm thinking of swapping out the rose gold band for the black one that I got as an alternate. Remember - you can score 15% off your order from their site using the code ' CHYISM '.

For jewelry, I picked up two new Mejuri pieces. I picked up a signet ring with my boyfriend's initial on it so I can carry a piece of him with me every day. Cheesy - I know. But I'd been wanting one of the pinky signet rings and rather than leave it blank or put my own initial, I thought it'd be a nice little gesture to put his. I actually love the way that pinky rings look and am kinda kicking myself for not getting one earlier. But regardless, I have this one now and I love putting it on every morning. Another one is this Zodiac Cancer Necklace that I wanted to pick up as a way to spice up some otherwise boring outfits. I love the look of a button down white tee and jeans, and I think a little touch of gold detailing would be great. I was saving the necklace to wear and when I finally pulled it out, I noticed that the chain had broke :( I'm so sad about it but emailed CS and while the chain was backordered for a few weeks, it shipped out right on time and was delivered to me in 2 days. And surprisingly, they actually sent me a whole new necklace and charm - not just the chain. 

A few months back I saw my friend rocking this chunky cape styled cardigan from LOFT and had to snag one for myself. LOFT has definitely become one of my favorite places to shop as a lot of their clothes are the perfect casual work-wear balance. All the tops are great to wear with work pants or jeans - making them a lot more versatile and last longer in my wardrobe. This cardigan has been heavy on rotation as the weather warms up and it looks great over a t-shirt or fitted dress, with trousers and a fitted top for work, or jeans and a tee. While I'm still on the search for new work pants and the 'perfect' pair of jeans, I think I've found my perfect pair of shoes.

One pair of shoes I've had on my radar for quite some time have to be these Woman by Common Project Sneakers. While they are an eye wateringly high price, I just love the overall look of the shoes and how they wear well with age. I've seen a lot of people (both men and women) rocking these with their work attire and I definitely think it can be pulled off. I'll definitely be pushing the limits and wearing these with some trousers and a button tee and see just how long I can get away with it before one of the bosses calls me out on it :B 

While I was leaning towards purchasing them from Nordstrom (with their great return policy / in case of any fault in design), I decided to go with an European distributor as it was cheaper. I had posted that these were on my wish list and a few people on IG messaged me to purchase elsewhere. Two of the most suggested places were End Clothing and Norse Store. Because they are both based outside of the US, they're priced slightly lower and are tax free! So it definitely saves you a good chunk of money on an already pricey pair of shoes. I ended up getting mine from End Clothing and my shoes arrived in about 2 business days - super impressive. The shoes do run quite large so I recommend heading to a Nordstrom near you to try them on for sizing. I'm usually a 5.5/6 and went with a size 35 - definitely size down as the shoes do run large. 

One thing I definitely was not expecting was the squeakiness in the shoes. I did a quick Google search and of course the solution is to use some form of baby powder. I didn't have any on hand but had some Gold Bond, so I just took a paper towel and sprinkled some on, and wiped it along the tongue and inner corners of the shoe - squeaking be gone! I'm definitely going to need to buy some shoe cleaners - I always hear the Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner is the best. As much as I love worn in white sneakers, I think I'll want to keep these ones looking somewhat pristine for as long as I can.

I like the idea of mixing it up more on this space so I hope you guys like these types of posts - cause you'll definitely be seeing more of them here over time! For sure in the next post you guys will be hearing about my new denim jacket which I've been low-key obsessed with since I got it last weekend. What are some non-beauty faves you've had lately?