Asia Skincare Haul & Giveaway | Korea + Japan

So this is slightly overdue, but I thought I'd round up some of the skincare bits I picked up while I was in Asia a few months back. As you may have noticed in my last post, I've been running through products and accumulating empties like there's no tomorrow. As much as I love trying new products, I've been feeling overwhelmed with products lately and I'm doing my best to use products up to cut back on the number of products open at once and also using products up before they expire. I did some research before Asia but tbh I had so many things going on that I didn't do too much research. I had an idea of some products I wanted to try but really went there with little expectations. My main thing was that I wanted to double check prices to make sure I couldn't get the same product in the US for the same / less. For the most part, everything was much more affordable in Asia - some more than others! While I did mostly emphasize on skincare bits, I did pick up a few makeup bits that I won't be mentioning. Reason being that it was so hot that I couldn't be bothered to try any makeup on lol. I am not fit for any sort of humid weather. While I have tried some of the products I picked up, there are a small handful of products I have yet to try. So some may be first impressions / quick info I know about the products. It's a pretty long one so grab a cup of something and let's get into it.

Asia Skincare Haul - What To Buy If You're From The US
  • su:m37 Rose Cleansing Stick Tbh this was probably the item I was most excited to pick up. I know I can get it in the US, but call me a fanatic cause I wanted to pick up Asian products in Asia? This one actually proved to be quite difficult as many counters in Seoul didn't carry it. It wasn't until I was leaving at the airport in Korea that I found this at the counter. Tip - you probably just need to ask someone cause they hide these (yah, really) behind the counter. I was super lucky and was able to snag 2 for the price of 1. I figured since the price point was more affordable that I'd pick up another for a giveaway! Keep reading below to see how you can enter! I've finally finished up my morning face cleanser and have thrown this one into the loop. It's gentle and quick to apply in the morning. I took the tip from others to store this upside down to help prevent any extra moisture from dripping down the stick. 
  • Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen aqua booster | On the list of hyped up products to try, the Anessa sunscreen was on the very top. This was another product that is kept behind the counters - you just take a cardboard placekeeper to the front and let them know how many you want to try. I ended up just getting one as I move through sunscreens rather slowly and didn't want to get too ahead of myself. I picked this up in Japan and a girl in front of me picked up about 25+ (I kid you not - she had an entire duty free bag FULL of these. Cray.) I recently finished up my Glossier Invisible Shield so I figured now was as good a time as ever to try it. I love how light this is on the skin and the liquidy consistency reminds me of the Shiseido one I used to use. I've been using this over the last week and I love that this doesn't add a white cast to my face and leaves it relatively matte throughout the day. I have a feeling I'm really gonna love this stuff and am gonna be pretty bummed when I run out. 
  • MISSHA All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun | So when I was in Japan (halfway through my trip) I had that dreaded "splooooft" noise when using my MISSHA sunblock I had brought. I freaked out a little and had my bf's sisters (who were still in Korea) pick up the MISSHA sunblock for me as they had a BOGO free deal going on. I was too scared to rely on a new sunscreen and wanted to use a familiar face. Silly me as I actually didn't end up finishing my open sunscreen - I blame the deceit of the photos I took for this post here. But anyways, I did pick up 2 so in case you guessed it - this one is also included in my giveaway. (It's a brand new bottle, don't worry!)
  • cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power EssenceIt's an essence + hyaluronic acid - need I say much more? I haven't dabbled with this one too much yet as I'm trying to work my way through my Glossier Super Bounce. I have used this one a few times and I love how easily it applies over my skin - it's a slightly thicker formula than Super Bounce and I have an inkling that it will feel even more incredible come Winter when my skin starts to get more dry. I do love that this comes with a pump as it makes it much easier to handle when I'm sleepy in the morning. I'm also entering the world of essences and this is the first one I'm comfortable applying with my hands. Will keep you guys posted on this one!
  • innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask | The bf and I couldn't wait and ended up cracking it open while we were in Asia. It's soft and gentle upon application and helps pull out the gunk. It doesn't get uncomfortably dry and leave your face feeling overly stiff. I wouldn't say this is a miracle worker in reducing pore size, but it does help ever so slightly! I'm super pumped that innisfree is coming to the US and will be easily accessible. PS if/when they open the physical stores I'm sure they will be beautiful, as every one I went to in Asia was incredible! 
  • Senka Perfect Whip | I have yet to try this but it's low price point and rave reviews had me curious! I am slightly regretting getting this size as I did realize there was a smaller size. I like to test things out but sometimes dread having to use up the whole thing. When I got home and did a mini overview of the products I picked up, I did get a few fair warnings that this one had a pH level and left many with severely dried out skin. This did freak me out a bit and tbh I have yet to touch it. I was focused on using up some cleansers and as you'll see soon I was able to clear out quite a few on their last legs. (If you've tried this / have any thoughts, please let me know!)
  • Lululun Masks (Original, Brightening, Extra Moisturizing) | This big pack (original) has 42 masks in it and is meant to be used daily. This is an interesting concept to me as I tend to do one face mask (if that) a week. I've been working through some individual sheet masks that I have and have yet to touch these, but I'm so so excited to give them a try. I'm semi kicking myself for not using these in the summer as I'm sure that using one each day during the warm weather would have felt incredible. Summer isn't over yet so I may need to crack this open soon. // They also have smaller packs that come with 7 masks to be used for a week - I picked up the brightening and extra moisturizing packs in these smaller packs. These are available on their US site and are very affordable - for mask addicts I'd highly recommend looking into these!! 
  • Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner | This is one I kept seeing all over the stores in Asia and I just had to look into it. The large size and low price point made it hard to oppose. This is a skin conditioner that can be used for both face and body. I've heard people put this in spray bottles to spritz on their face/body - I've got my fingers crossed that this one is like the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist. I've yet to try this as I have quite a few toners I'm trying to get through first, but I'm stoked to give this one a try. 
  • SUISAI Suisai Beauty Clear Powder | This was quite a gimmicky purchase as I just loved the idea behind it. These are little pods full of enzyme powders, with ingredients such as lactic acid, hayluronic acid, tofu extract, and royal jelly. Wow - right?? These excited me because I love a little exfoliating powder every once in a while, particularly while traveling. These are the perfect size for popping in your bag when you travel or in your gym bag for a little pick me up. I've been forcing myself to finish a Dermalogica superfoliant that I have near its last leg and I'm trying to stay disciplined to finish that up before I reach for these. These are supposed to help clear blackheads and dead skin cells so I'll keep you all posted on these results!

I did pick up a few extra products here and there, but these were the most notable skincare products I snagged. I did pick up some makeup brushes from Hakuhodo - expect to see that post coming soon too! 

Let me know if you've tried any of these products and your thoughts if you have! What are some of your favorite beauty/skincare items to pick up when you're in Asia?

All items were purchased by myself. This post contains affiliate links.

Last month was an incredible month with brand collaborations and being part of the Glossier rep program. It's all thanks to you guys who read my blog and help support this little creative outlet I've created on CHY. I'd love to say thank you to everyone and that's why I'm hosting an international giveaway over on my Instagram. Be sure to enter on my post here! As mentioned throughout the post, the rose cleansing stick & MISSHA sunscreen are both included in this giveaway (along with some Glossier and Drunk Elephant goodies)!

PS - I'll be doing a Glossier/Tatcha giveaway on the blog / rafflecopter soon. The giveaway I did back in March fell through with the winner (unpaid import fees / refused package). So instead of keeping the products around, I thought I'd offer them up to another individual. Stay tuned!