August | Goals + Thoughts + Blog Happenings

I didn't really have a specific beauty related post I wanted to write about today so I thought a little thoughts / life lately post would be a nice one to have. Lately I've had a lot of things on my mind about my "IRL" life and what I want to do with my blog space. 


1. Keep clearing products out + creating a bag of unused/unloved products for friends | I've been on a crazy roll with my empties - if you thought I had a lot in my last empties post, you're gonna be even more proud of me when the next one hits. (Hint - it'll be soon [early next month] cause there's that much.) I'm a hoarder by nature but I've tried my best to gather up products I'm not using to give to friends. I always have the "what if I want it later" mentality, but let's be real guys - products have expiration dates so someone should love and enjoy using it! I'm also tossing my clothes/shoes into this equation. I've gained/lost weight in different areas, and gained muscle in other areas. Thus, clothing that used to fit me just doesn't fly anymore. On top of that, I spend 80% of my time at work and the rest lounging around so a lot of clothes I had in college just don't really work for my lifestyle anymore. I'm learning to let go of pieces and am aiming to post up more on Poshmark. PM is perfect for buying/selling used clothes - score $5 credit when you sign up using my code 'HEEQQ'! Also, if you buy anything from me on there I always include extra samples / face masks I have lying around :) *shameless plug LOL - I'm not being sponsored to say this in any way.*

2. Organize my emails into separate folders | I'm super organized at work: my emails are sorted by company / client / case, and I have a detailed excel sheet with additional details and information that is the best database reference. I have so many brands that I'm in contact with and I just need to be better organized with communicating with everyone. 

3. Organize my photos | I have way too many photos, and tbh I'm a bit over feeling cluttered. I'm going through old photos and deleting any unwanted / unused photos. When I take photos for my blog I probably take 10+ of the "same" shot to get that perfect shot. The unused ones need to be deleted as they're taking up way too much storage. Also looking back allows me to reminisce on old memories + appreciate how much my photography style has changed over the last few years.

4. Consistently work out 2-3 times a week + Cook more meals | This has been kinda meh because my boyfriend and I would much rather come home after work and play with our dog. We're trying tho! And hopefully we're able to move out in the next month or two so the cooking more meals thing is gonna have to happen. 

5. Take a good bio picture | I love being behind the camera for sure and not in front of it. I'm not all too keen on plastering my face everywhere, but there are some exciting opportunities that have come about that do require me to pop a photo of my face so others can know the individual behind the writing. 


I've been thinking a lot about content for this blog. Growing up I always loved trying new things as I wanted to know what was the best of the best. One of the reasons I started this space was to document all the products I tried and to find my holy grail product for each category.

I know that a lot of people in the beauty community and readers alike have many mixed feelings about a lot of typical blogging things: affiliate links, brand reps (hi, Glossier), sponsored posts, gifted items, etc. I always go back and forth on what I'd like to include, but as criticism can easily pop up I try to tread lightly. I think most of my regular readers would know that my posts are typically chatty and I'm pretty straight with you guys - people often describe my blog posts as one where you're "chatting or catching up with an old friend." << tbh I LOVE that people feel that way - and if I ever veer off from that, someone call me out. Please. >>  

Anyways, another blogger that I follow posted recently about how bloggers these days only post about the same items - the popular mainstream brands that they know will gear attention to their blogs/content. I fully understand where she was coming from as I often times try to feature more well-known brands as people are more likely to be interested in reading my content. Blogging has been such an amazing opportunity and I am so thankful every single day that I get to call this my hobby. Who knows where this will end up in the future, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it right now. Blogging has given me such an amazing opportunity to work with so many brands and try products I never even dreamt (or had the budget) of trying. It's connected me with beauty enthusiasts and brands both in the US and around the world - I'm so so thankful for that! Of course I don't say yes to every brand that wants to work with me, but most are pretty relatable to things I'd use and the whole point is to get out there and expose products that may be lesser to known to a wider audience. Right?

Anyways, just know that I may feature a lot of gifted items but I won't feature them if I don't like them. Feel free to read more on my disclaimer hereI used to be skeptical of bloggers who put asterisks* next to every product they mentioned, but I've quickly learned that bloggers are just fortunate to be sent items. It doesn't necessarily mean they're being paid to say it or that it impacts their opinion of the product in any way. Hopefully they have a built relationship with their readers and can maintain a good balance of the products they use / share.  How do you guys feel about posts where products are majority gifted / or the topic in general?


I have a lot of post ideas coming up and I really hope that you guys are excited / interested! I keep saying how I want to veer off and chat about other topics so I really want to hold myself to that. I have posts in the pipeline related to my dog (I'm a crazy pawrent now guys), my Asia trip (thinking of breaking it down by country), and some fashion posts (who am I even?!). I also have some exciting brand partnerships that you can expect to see in the next few weeks!

I know I've said that I don't want contributors on my blog (seeing as though my blog is my name, and my vision for the blog that it encompasses my interests and lifestyle), but I'm excited to announce that I will be contributing to two new blogs. I have already begun contributing to Pur Opulence and will post once a month on some of my favorite top shelf items. I've done two posts thus far, one on my top shelf makeup items and top shelf shower items for summer! Be sure to head over and check them out. Another one is an exciting partnership I have with Alyson from The Beauty Vanity in the works. Alyson is another blogger based in SF Bay Area and I'm so excited to work with like-minded individuals in a closer proximity to myself! 


If you weren't aware, I'm having a giveaway over on my Instagram (post here). It's open internationally until 8/31 and has bits from Glossier, Drunk Elephant, and some bits I picked up when I was in Asia! It's free to enter with some extra opportunities to win enter! I'm behind but I'm planning to do a little Asia Beauty haul soon (coming next week) which will delve a bit more into the other products I'm including. Keep your eyes peeled as I have a giveaway planned for next month with my gal pal Adrienne (spoiler alert - it'll be hair related)! 

Anyways, I guess this has been just a mini blurb of things on my mind. Feel free to comment below and let's chat! Or feel free to DM me on Instagram (@chyism) or email me (! I'd love to know your opinion on the topics!