Berry Favorite Lipsticks

Some gals love their reds, I on the other hand love my berries. Muted or bright, you name it. Here are some of my favorite brighter berry-fuchsia lipsticks that are perfect to brighten up your makeup as Spring rolls through. 

From Left to Right:

1. MAC Beet: The is one of my most precious lip liners as it goes with my favorite shade of lipstick! It helps keep everything intact and keeps things from bleeding around your lip lines. It also can be worn as an all-over lip color which is pretty much just a win-win for me.

2. Topshop Damned: This is the one that truly converted me to the berry side. I love wearing it full on for a bold lip, or patted in for a more muted look. I had initially picked up MAC Rebel but ended up swapping it for this little one. 

3. Bite Beauty Radish: I picked this up as a Sephora Beauty Insider Reward and let's just say it is my gateway into the dangers of the new Amuse Bouche line. The lasting power on this is so long lasting and definitely mixes it up from the typical mattes. It also has a fruity scent and a glossy finish so it does get me (even more) excited for the warmer seasons. This one is perfect for Spring and Summer and I have a feeling it'll be one of my new date night/night out colors.

4. NARS Afghan Red: This is one I picked up in one (of my three) Sephora hauls this past month. It is a beautiful berry-red color and is incredibly long lasting. It fades nicely through the day and does not bleed at all. I've worn this at least 3 times to work since I've gotten it, and I don't see myself stopping. I don't need to worry about it smudging around my lips or transferring to my teeth. Even one of my coworkers asked me what color it was since she loved it so much!

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Berry: This one is definitely more pigmented than you would think and gives you those popsicle-berry type lips. It's a tad intense for me to wear full on so I prefer to wear it patted in for a lightly stained look. 

6. ColourPop More Better: THIS. ONE. It is a gorgeous bright color that is definitely on the cheaper and more affordable side. Definitely inspired by a recommendation by Nida of Caked to the Nines. It's a beautiful pop of color and is fun to wear with casual jeans and a tee, or dressed up for a night out. I'll be honest that this one definitely moves around and bleeds, so be sure to use a lipliner beforehand and bring some concealer for touch-ups for a night out. Just in case! And stay away if you know you'll be eating any oily foods as it will break this down and move it around.

Some of my other favorites to wear throughout the year are Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau in Sin, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum, and NARS Damned Lip Pencil. Or if you're a fan of MAC lipsticks, some options are MAC Plumful, MAC Party Line, and MAC Media - post here.  I'm definitely eyeing the Glossier Phase 2 lip shade in Jam. 

Do you like to wear berry toned lipsticks? If so, what are some of your favorite shades/formulas?