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Caught Me Blushing' (Pt. 2)

Divya of The Conscience Fund tagged me to do this blush tag post! And looking back, I actually did this post back in July when I was tagged by Hao, but I've decided to do this again for two reasons: 1 - I've picked up a hell of a lot of new products in the past half year. and 2 - my preferences change because I've changed. Yeah, it's pretty apparent that I have a problem.

Let's get on with the tag, shall we?

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Lip Options for Valentine's Day

February has truly just snuck up on me, but I am welcoming it with open arms. It has been quite an eventful month, and I'm enjoying every single day. This weekend is Valentine's Day AND a three day weekend - so I'm stoked. I know some individuals can be anti-Valentine's Day and others can be pro Single Awareness Day. I'm honestly fine with the day as it is - I've been single for many and in a relationship for some! Whichever place you're in right now, just enjoy it! 

Whether you're going out with your man or your friends, here are some lip options for ya! Some are kiss proof and some are just a touch of oomph. You all know I'm a huge liquid lipsticks fan - so of course I had to throw in a few (ok, or a lot) of liquid options...

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