Tools of the Trade

So I always love reading up on starter kits and the situational "If I had to start from scratch.." type posts. I've noticed that I buy brushes and makeup tools relatively infrequently, and the ones I end up getting stay with me for a long, long time. In sum - I get super attached to things, nice things. You could call me a materialistic b*tch. 

I'm slowly clearing out my makeup drawers and that includes my tool drawer. If I had to start fresh, these are definitely some of the ones I know I would pick up again.  

1. The Sephora Pro Airbrush 55 Brush is ah-mazing. I picked this up after seeing Faith mention/feature it countless times. I liked that it was described as an airbrushed finish, and all I can say is that it feels extremely lightweight on the skin and leaves behind the most flawless finish. It definitely doesn't make your foundation feel caked on and perfectly distributes product across your face and blends it in well. This has even been great for blending out concealer - I just dot some on any red spots and just blend it out. 

2. The Zoeva Powder Brush is one I've been reaching for a lot lately to powder my face. It's lightweight and soft and does a great job of picking up the right amount of product. I pair this with my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder or Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders.

3. The NARS Yachiyo Brush. I didn't even realize how much I liked this brush. It pretty much picks up the perfect amount of product each time and is such a versatile brush: use it for blush, use it for highlight, or use it for contour. There's nothing this brush can't do. Well worth the price tag? Hell frickin yeah. 

4. The Morphe Fan Brush. If you've been reading my blog for the past 6 months you'll know I'm minorly (ok, majorly) obsessed with my Becca Moonstone highlighter. Like I genuinely have used up a good amount of product and it's pretty clear when looking at the pan as I can visibly see it going down. This can be intense when using a regular brush to apply, the tiniest amount goes a long way. I've always been skeptical about fan brushes, but I do find that this pairs beautifully with the Becca highlighter and just sweeps effortlessly across cheekbones and down the nose. 

5. The Zoeva Flat Brush has been a go to brush for applying contour/bronzer around my face. I don't really try to contour all too much as I'd really just be faking what I don't got. But I like to add a little around my cheekbones, temple, and jawline every once in a while. This brush helps give a perfect line which I can then go back in and blend out. 

6. MAC 217 Eyeshadow Brush. This one should come to no surprise, it's a blogger favorite in the beauty community and for well above good reason. This is perfect for one-wash colors which I am all for. It picks up a good amount so you can pack it onto the lid. And you can then use tip or the flip side to help soften things up and blend out the edges. This definitely makes things great as you don't need to be as precise about application. Definitely love pairing this with my Burberry Pale Barley eyeshadow.

7. MAC 266 Angled Brush. I've always loved angle brushes and the MAC counterpart is one of my favorites. I mainly use it for my brows as it's the easiest thing to use for applying brow powders. I also prefer to use this when applying my winged liner sans a felt tip liner. Whether I'm using a gel liner, smudging out a pencil eyeliner, or lightly applying a winged eyeshadow look, this brush is great for doing it all. 

8. Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler. Who would I be without an eyelash curler? If I ever found myself one I would buy a new one immediately. I recently switched to the KA one from a Bobbi Brown one and I'm liking it right now! It fits my eye shape pretty well and even manages to grab the little eyelashes on the inner and outer corners of my eye. Definitely all for it.  

9. Charlotte Tilbury Duo Pencil Sharpener. I'm a huge fan of sharpeners with two sizes, this is particularly great for sharpening regular eyeliner and lip pencils, and also great for sharpening the NARS lip pencils or the Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner pencils (which I am heavily eyeing). I particularly like the CT one I picked up as it's perfectly squared and can sit upright (no pencil shavings falling out). 

What are some of the makeup tools in your collection you couldn't be without?