Monthly Favorites | October

October absolutely flew by, and I think that partially has to do with #CHYtober and daily posting. I successfully managed to post every weekday for the month of October, so if you haven't caught up - you have plenty to binge read through!

I'm still going strong on the skincare wagon and I'm thinking that's largely because it's what I'm starting to transition to and invest in. I'm not skilled at actually applying makeup and usually just do the bare minimum, and because of that I go through makeup soooo slowly that it isn't as worth it to buy so much. Lipsticks are a whole other story because I'm obsessed and that's just not going to change. But skincare is this whole other game which I'm actually quite enamored with right now.

I've been reaching for my Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser more as I'm near/at the recommended shelf life date and as you can see, I still have more than half of it left. I spaced out using this a bit too much so now I'm using this every other morning dedicatedly. This also works out perfectly as I'm loading up on serums and moisturizers at night so this is a good way to scrub my face clean to start the day.

As you all probably know, I'm obsessed with the Glossier Supers. But I'll have to be honest and say that Super Bounce takes the lead. I'm already preparing myself to repurchase this one as I'm going through it at a much quicker rate than I am with Super Pure and Super Glow. (You can read all about my Glossier collection HERE.)

I've also been testing a few masks thanks to Complex Beauty Co, and two have taken the lead as favorites. I've loved using Ocean Potion* as I have seen it calm down the redness in my cheek area. I also love Baby Face as it's a gentle yet effective mask that helps pull excess oil from my skin and leaves my skin actually feeling baby soft. You can read about the other masks that Complex Beauty Co will be releasing in my post HERE

L-R / Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl, NARS Tonkin, Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria

On the makeup front I've reverted back to my NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint. I'm paling out a lot more so I've switched back to this as this is the best match for me right now. This is one of those foundations that sits comfortably on your skin and looks as second skin. I was at Sephora getting color matched and the person had to take a double take to check if I was even wearing foundation - hurrah. I did get matched for a new foundation which I ordered over the weekend - it was a bit of a splurge but I'm quite excited to try it out! I've heard great things about it and decided it was finally time to take the plunge. Since I used up my NARS Creamy Concealer, I decided to give a new concealer a try. The Tarte Aquacealer is one that I've been seeing around the blogging world here and there and one that I was quite interested in trying. 

And of course, you know I'm always carrying lipsticks around with me. Recently I've had about 6-7 on rotation in my bag, but these three have had almost permanent homes in my handbag. (So much so that the rose gold is starting to chip away around the edge of one tube - I'm devastated.) I'm all for the neutral colors, as you can tell, and I leave them in my handbag as I usually decide on a whim to apply them in my car right before I walk into my office. 

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl is a gorgeous berry brown which is a great deeper everyday color, especially in the Fall. NARS Tonkin is one I spotted on a co-worker, and it is rightfully gorgeous. I actually don't hear about this one that often but it deserves so much more recognition. It's described as a cinnamon plum and it's a nice neutral hue with some berry undertones, aka making it a warmer nude. Last up is Charlotte Tilbury Very Victoria which is my perfect nude. It's light pink with a touch of brown, which is very much me. I don't really opt for bright colors much and as a nude lip shade lover, these three are my perfect trio these days.

What are some of your favorite products that you've been loving lately? The Sephora VIB sale is coming up this weekend and you know I'm going to need your guys' recommendations. Let's chat below!

 *Contains PR samples and affiliate links but all opinions are 100% my own.