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Well, we all knew this post had to happen sometime. Glossier is possibly the "It Girl" beauty brand of the moment. From their minimal packaging to their cool girl aesthetic, this brand is pretty much killing it on the beauty scene. Also, I had that epiphany moment while re-watching old episodes of The Hills (for the reunion, duh) and saw 'Intern Emily from New York.' Part of me was like she looks so familiar - aside from having previously watched a few episodes of The Hills when they first aired all those years ago. I quickly jumped online and was flabbergasted to find out Emily Weiss..founder & CEO of Glossier.. was in fact Intern Emily (!!!). Her ambition took her far - and I'm proud of this #girlboss because she created one of my favorite beauty lines to. this. day. Future companies - you have a lot to live up to.

I gotta give it up to Glossier as they really keep their fan-base / clientele hooked. They regularly feature deals, promotions, and an amazing roundup of products. They're so confident that you'll like your skincare products that they even offer the option to have skincare products automatically re-delivered in 1/2/3/ month increments. Talk about perfect for those that fear being without their beloved skincare product. (I definitely know the feeling.)

I first dabbled into the world of Glossier last November so we're almost entering my first anniversary with the brand!! When Glossier first came on the beauty front, I was a bit hesitant and waited to see reviews from bloggers and YouTubers left and right. When I was convinced enough, I started it off slow and instead of opting for the Phase 1 Set, I got the Perfecting Skin TintMoisturizing Moon Mask, and a Balm Dot Com (which came free thanks to a promotion running at the time).

The Perfecting Skin Tint does exactly what it says and is perfect for those no-makeup makeup days. The Moisturizing Moon Mask (not pictured) is actually at my boyfriend's place as he's had some dry patches lately so I've pushed (read: pushed) the product on him to help with that. The Balm Dot Com has since gone missing, but the tube is practically full so I'm holding out on buying a new one. As much as I like it, I'll admit that I much prefer Nuxe Reve de Miel or the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask to it. However, I will admit it's great to carry around in your bags - so brownie points for portability perks. Since everything I tried worked out well, I ended up ordering the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser since I wanted to mix it up from my usual purchase (the First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser). It's safe to say this is one of my favorite face washes and I quickly bought a second bottle as a backup. *Side story - I put it aside and pushed myself to finish face washes I was slowly working my way through and am happy to say it's back in my life - all is right in the skincare world again.

Soon after, Glossier went ahead and released their Phase 2 Set (Boy Brow, Generation G, Stretch Concealer) - basically all the amazing things you could want for a no-makeup, makeup look. I held off, partially because I already had tons of brow products (Benefit Gimme Brow in particular) and all the Generation G lippies were sold out. Then came on the market the Glossier Haloscopes (in Quartz & Topaz). Of course Quartz called out to me in the peak of my highlight obsession (which has still yet to subside). After going back and forth on it for a while, I finally jumped online and made an order for Quartz and Generation G in Jam. The Generation G lippies had just been restocked so Jam came in a good few months earlier than Quartz (which I actually just got around mid September). 

In the midst of waiting for my Haloscope to arrive, Glossier dropped the biggest bomb of the year and announced The SupersIt's pretty safe to say that I jumped on this immediately (like release date) because all Glossier releases have been known to sell out early on and be backordered for months. ^Haloscope Quartz being the perfect example.

The Supers are the perfect trio of serums that there ever were. I love that these three work well with one another and can be layered on top to meet all your skincare needs. The best part is that they're fast-absorbing which means you aren't left with an overly greasy/oily face. Use them morning or night, however it best suits your skin and routine. I easily mentioned these in my September Favorites after having them for a few short weeks cause they quickly changed my skin. I found myself reaching for foundations less, leading me to switch up my daily makeup routine (here) and reach mostly just for concealer and powder only.

S U P E R  P U R E  {Niacinamide and Zinc} | Niacinamide helps combat redness and sooth the skin. Zinc focuses on your pores and helps clear out impurities and reduce oil production. 

S U P E R  B O U N C E  {Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5} | Hyaluronic Acid, our favorite ingredient in Pixi Glow Tonic, helps plump skin from within to give skin that 'bounce.' Vitamin B5 helps regenerate new skin layers that are softer and more supple.

S U P E R  G L O W  {Vitamin C and Magnesium} | Vitamin C helps reduce dark spots while Magnesium helps stimulate the metabolism of tired skin cells.

I love reaching for Super Pure and Super Bounce at night. Super Pure helps combat redness and calms my skin (definite cooling effect). Super Bounce helps ease my dry skin and really helps smooth out those fine lines and the overall appearance of my skin. I let those two work their magic overnight and wake up with some refreshed looking skin. I'll wash my face with just plain old water and go in with Super Glow under my sunscreen/moisturizer. 

Personally, I would recommend getting the trio as it's the best value, and really your favorite may come to surprise you. And also, because just look how pretty they could look lined up next to each other in your skincare storage (here). But if you're really tight on budget and can only choose one, I would highly recommend Super Pure. I haven't encountered anything like it and it really helps sooth your skin. Although Super Bounce comes in at a close, close second. This one is seeing the biggest dent and I can see the product line moving further down than the other two. Partially because the formula is thicker and I go through more product in one go. I love love love (yes, 3x) putting Super Bounce on my "wrinkle/line" problem areas - aka forehead, under eyes, around mouth, and down my neck. It's safe to say that those fine lines are slowly starting to minimize, and those dreaded age neck lines are drastically reducing. Of course they're still apparent, but I do notice them looking less noticeable. Basically, you will see a difference with these Supers - so definitely go for it if you're on the fence about them.

If you're new or old to the brand and interested in giving any of these Glossier products a try, shop with me through my link! ! If it's your first purchase you'll even get 10% off your order. Please feel free to read my disclaimer for more info. 

Have you tried any products from Glossier? If so, what are your favorite products? 

PS / this was not a sponsored post by Glossier at all - I'm just a crazed, obsessed woman over this brand. (lol)