5 TV Series To Binge Watch on Netflix

I haven't really spoken about my TV watching on this blog, but I am quite possibly someone that watches the most TV ever. I watch shows like there is no tomorrow and would be great at trivia games asking people to connect actors from one show to another. Imagine my joy when I was in the early stages of friendship with my boyfriend and found out that not only did he watch a lot TV, I think I had finally met someone that watched more than me. I'm an introvert at heart and many of my friends in college will note that I would stay in on any given night to be catching up on my TV shows. I probably spent just as much time watching TV as I did in class during college (whoops).

I don't know about you guys but I can binge watch a show from start to finish in a matter of weeks (or days if I'm not working). Netflix is such a dangerous concept as it gives me access to TV shows in bulk quantities that have completed airing, allowing me to catch up on a recent season or to finally watch that one show from start to finish - I'm looking at you Friends

For those of you avid TV watchers or those that don't watch all too much TV, here are 5 of my favorite shows that have completed airing and would be great to binge watch from start to finish. These will allow you to binge watch to your heart's content and have closure when it comes to an end (or at least some form of closure). 

So curl up in some comfy lounge wear (I'm really digging these pants from Uniqlo - I have 2 pairs). Pop on your glasses, grab some chocolate, grab a hot tea/cocoa, and get ready to be a bum and watch your heart out.

1. How I Met Your Mother: This one is an all time favorite and although I didn't start watching until 2009, I quickly caught up and enjoyed watching with everyone else for a good five+ years just to find out who the mother was. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll wish you had a tight knit group of friends to meet at the bar every single night. The bf and I recently started watching old episodes, it's great that we can skip around cause we know the show so well and we can pick a good one to watch.

2. Gilmore Girls: This is a feel good TV series that I was obsessed with growing up. I feel like most of my friends didn't watch this show growing up. A lot of people were not fans of the show because of all the "fast talking" and fast paced setting - but that was one of the reasons why my mom thought I would like the show because I tend to be a fast talker myself. I miss Friday Night Dinners at the Gilmore household and am so excited that they're bringing back a reboot of the show on Netflix in four parts - each episode at an hour and a half. Bring. It. On. (*Fun fact - almost all the gals in my new office watch this so it's been pretty fun to see which team everyone is on. Spoiler alert - I'm Team Logan.)

3. White Collar: Two words, one name - Neal Caffrey. If his charm doesn't lock you in then just close this page now. Matt Bomer has piercing eyes and a smirk that you can't help but love and melt to. There's suspense and mystery and the show just keeps you wanting more. I could not stop watching and kept on going because I needed to know what happened. It was also quite fun to watch a white collar criminal and it made me much more appreciative of the arts.

4. Chuck: A lot of my friends in high school watched Chuck but it was just a show I never got into. Tbh I was more into the teen dramas of the time (One Tree Hill, The OC, etc.). When I graduated from college this was one of the shows I binge watched rather quickly and it was so dang good. There's romance and action, it's really a bit unexpected but the show keeps you locked in. 

5. Lost: The infamous show - how did they get on the island? Were they really lost? What really happened? Were they dead?! For six years a ton of us were stumped about it and wanted the mystery solved. I still remember sitting around with my table group in history in sophomore year of high school discussing the day after each episode aired. We all had theories and would theory craft with one another, only to be thrown off our game when a new episode aired and destroyed our hopes. Well lucky for anyone who starts now as they can find out what happens from start to finish with no breaks and no interruptions. I almost want to watch it all consecutively to find gaps / see if there could have been alternative endings.

I am still waiting for the day that Netflix will bring out Boy Meets World - that is hands down my favorite series of all time. I was an avid BMW watcher and grew up not watching a single episode of Friends. (I know shocker - but hey, Netflix has allowed me to catch up and I now finally understand all the Friends references that everyone always refers to. I almost appreciate more watching as an adult - pretty sure teenage me would not have gotten a ton of the jokes.)

I'm thinking I'll do more of these TV posts / series summaries as there are soooo many more shows that I can think of to share. Please do leave your favorite TV series and any recommendations you may have for me! I do need a new show (or two) to binge watch :D

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