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I've mentioned recently that I've been focusing on clearing out old products and really minimizing my makeup and skincare collection. I've been doing quite a great job at clearing unwanted/finished products and have made quite some space in my collection. However, I've been so focused on using things up that I haven't really been trying new things. Enter in Complex Beauty Co. I was contacted to trial this new skincare brand that was launching this Fall - and you all know I love my minis. They're the perfect size for me as it takes me absolute ages to use products, and from trialing these for the last week or so I can clearly see that these pots will take me a while to finish on their own.


Baby Face | Refine - Hydrate - Soften - Clarify |
I love a good charcoal mask and this is no exception. It applies like a cooling gel and dries down to a thin sheer mask that leaves your skin feeling oh so soft - baby face indeed. It contains ingredients like Aloe to sooth, moisturize, and heal your skin; Hyaluronic Acid to plumpen, tighten, and brighten your skin; Vitamin C to lighten pigmentation and regenerate collagen; & Niacinamide to lighten dark spots and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Ocean Potion | Regenerate - Balance - Heal |
This seaweed mask helps calm and heal distressed skin. It applies like a thick balm and dries down to a clay like mask. It does flake once dry so be sure to wash it off as to not make a mess. It can also be used as a spot treatment so I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on that! It contains ingredients like Coconut Oil to moisturize, heal, and strengthen skin; Almond Oil to protect skin against stress and radiation damage; Spirulina to protect against premature aging, acne-causing bacteria; Kelp to moisturize, smooth, and remove toxins with natural anti-inflammatory properties; Irish Moss to nourish and heal skin; Ocean Mineral Complex to activate enzymes for cellular functions that replenish and protect skin; Rice Bran Oil to penetrate deep down to nourish skin from within, improving skin's elasticity, regeneration process, even out skin tone, and prevent wrinkles and fine lines; Apricot Kernel Oil to balance, nourish, tone, sooth, and heal skin; Gotu Kola to promote collagen production; Horsetail as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory antioxidant with healing properties; Dandelion to soften, brighten, and reduce acne and scarring.

The Godmother | Replenish - Exfoliate - Nourish - Brighten |
This is a pumpkin enzyme mask, much similar to the Peter Thomas Roth mask. I actually haven't tried this one but my bf used it and said it stung a bit - which makes me a bit hesitant to try as it's not recommended for sensitive skin. It contains ingredients like Pumpkin (duh) which helps remedy damage by moisturizing, dissolving dry skin, promoting skin production, minimizing pores, and leaving skin smooth and even; Vitamin E to help prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin; Meadowfoam Seed Oil to help prevent moisture loss; Bilberry to prevent and reverse cell damage; Sugar Cane to reverse sun damage; Sugar Maple to help repair cell damage caused by free radicals; Orange to help restore collagen; Neem Seed Oil which contains natural anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties to help clear the skin; Cinnamon Bark Powder which is a natural astringent to sooth skin irritations; Ginger Root Powder to reduce the appearance of hypopigmented (whitened) scars; Nutmeg Powder to help heal scars and reduce their appearance. I'm actually a bit intrigued to try this elsewhere on my body where I have dry scaly skin / bad scars.

Thirst Quencher | Hydrate - Plump - Smooth |
A hydrating mix that is part oil and part acid. My skin hasn't become too dry yet so I'm actually not using it yet - I'll let you know once I do. It has a smooth gel-like texture, I can see this one working deep in the skin. And if it works anything like the others, it's sure to be a hit. It contains ingredients like Rosehip Seed Oil to reduce dark spots and blemishes; Jojoba Oil to work as a natural antibacterial to keep acne spots minimal; Frankincense as an astringent to reduce acne, minimize pores, and lift and tighten skin naturally; Oat Extract to plump and restore skin's natural moisture barrier.

Smooth Operator | Detox - Repair - Youth Preserve - Nourish |
An antioxidant mask that helps exfoliate to reveal smoother and brighter skin. It contains Glycolic Acid to exfoliate skin to reduce scarring and blemishes, and prevents skin from looking aged or dull; Squalane which promotes cell reproduction, improves moisture balance, and intercepts free radicals from entering the system; Lactic Acid to increase moisture while removing dead skin to improve overall skin texture to reveal brighter skin; Castor Oil to act as a barrier agent to protect skin against harsh conditions; Cranberry Fibers and Organic Cranberry to help fight premature aging and improve overall skin tone; Hibiscus Petals to gently exfoliate and repair the skin; organic blueberry to lighten dark spots and brighten skin; Grape Seed oil & Oregon Grape to restore skin's texture and tone by promoting restoration of collagen. 

Rose Glow | Revitalize - Exfoliate - Brighten - Firm |
A glycolic mask that helps give your skin a quick boost. It helps to hydrate skin, reduce appearance of blemishes, and reduce uneven skin tone. It contains ingredients like Rose Water to help maintain the skin's pH balance, reduce scarring, and help skin tone appear even; Glycolic Acid to exfoliate skin, reduce scars and blemishes, and prevent skin from looking dull; and Mannan Gum to help keep the skin moisturized. This one has a thick gel texture and applies as a cooling layer onto the skin, but it dries down so you know when it's ready to be removed.

I'm always hesitant to try new skincare products as my skin is quite sensitive, which means it's prone to irritation and breakouts when it does not get along with a skincare product. I slowly introduced these masks and started mixing and masking in no time. My boyfriend and I love to stay in so our last Friday night date consisted of ramen, face masks, and HBO's new TV series - Westworld. Of the ones I've tried, Ocean Potion and Baby Face are both high up on my list. Baby Face is gentle and great for removing unwanted oil and leaving my skin oh so smooth - I can see this being a daily treat. Ocean Potion is unlike anything else I've tried as it really reduces the redness in my cheeks, minimizes the appearance of pores, and just leaves my skin feeling soft and overall freaking amazing. I will definitely be buying the full size of these when they becomes available.

Complex Beauty launches next month (November 2016) - head over to their website (HERE) and register for early access to their launch. They're also bringing out a face mist and lip scrub - so I'm quite interested in trying those out as these masks have been so! 

What are your thoughts on these? Do any of them sound good to you? If you have any good dupes for these please let me know below!

*Products mentioned in this post have been sent to me for consideration. I have not been compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.