Bag Collection

I always love handbag collection type posts/videos so I thought for the last full week of #CHYtober that I'd share mine with you. Bags have always been one of my things, and since a young age I've been drawn to them. At a young age, my mom always told me to invest in nicer bags as it is more worth it to pick up one nice bag every year (or few years) rather than pick up multiple so-so bags that you'll toss / not keep for years. {Just a quick disclaimer that I'm not trying to show off or anything, all of these bags have been purchased by myself or gifted to me by my parents.} It's taken a few years for me to accumulate all of these and they all hold a special place in my collection. I've tried to give you guys a walk through handbag history noting down the year which I picked each bag up.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Q (2009) | This was the first designer bag I ever purchased with my hard-earned money from my first official job in high school. I actually saw a girl wearing this bag and thought it was the perfect everyday bag. It was my first crossbody bag and you could say the obsession became real. It's one of my go-to bags for traveling as it has a compartment in the flap that is zipped up. It also has a zipper compartment inside with 2 pockets so you can put things you need to easily grab inside. I've taken this to my trip to the UK and to Chicago - it holds everything I need and I feel that my stuff is actually safe and secure. They no longer make this exact bag as the design has changed. Although you can get this in a large size or a small size.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy Q (2011) | Now everyone and their mom has this bag, and for good reason. It's the perfect everyday grab and go bag, especially for those that carry the bare minimum everyday. This one is perfect for day to night wear, as it can easily be dressed up for a night out. The Percy Q is also great for travel since it can easily go from day to night. One of my friends used this bag while she studied abroad and was able to fit a sandwich, water bottle, and her wallet inside. I was so convinced I even took it with me on my Europe trip last year with my boyfriend - and I can confirm it holds a lot more than meets the eye. *My mom picked this one up for me.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Convertible Crossbody Bag (2012) | Now this is another one of those 'basic bitch' bags, but for good reason. It's edgy, it's cute, it's stylish - it's just really easy to wear! Olive is one of my favorite colors so when I saw this shade on sale, I had to snag it up. I love that it has a secured zipped pocket in the front to put anything important - it would be near impossible for a pick-pocketer to get into there. This one is pretty spacious and is great as an everyday bag. The mini size is also perfect if you're petite. It also molds to your body over time and really hugs your body so it looks even better.

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote (Medium) (2013) | My mom bought this for me after I graduated because she liked how heavy duty it was and thought it'd be great as a "working girl" type bag should I ever need it. As much as I like this bag, I find it a bit too big for my day-to-day bag. My current job doesn't require me to carry a laptop or any paperwork so I never really feel the need to reach for this. But it's also great for overnight trips as I can throw everything in and zip it up so nothing will fall out. It also has a longer handle so it can comfortably fit on my shoulder.

Madewell The Transport Tote (2014) | This was the "It Bag" a few years back and still is rather popular to this day. I loved the idea of a large bag to just throw everything in and go. Often times when I'm heading out to a day of working out of a cafe I'll use this tote. It fits my laptop/charger, bottle of water, and a scarf/jacket in case I get cold. It has so much room. The leather on this ages so so so beautifully and I still love it just as much today as I did when I first got it. If I'm headed to my boyfriend's place after work I may use this on a day-to-day basis and chuck in my laptop, gym clothes, and normal everyday carries. (PS if you're a college student or teacher, flash your school ID to get 15% off your purchase. And yes, this stacks on top of already ongoing sales/discounts. You're welcome.) Since I had graduated less than a year before buying this, I did sneakily show my (old) college ID - they honored it. Win.

Michael Kors Selma (Medium) (2014) | I was wanting a bit more of a structured bag and I was drawn to this MK one as the price tag wasn't too eye-watering and the saffiano leather meant it would be a bit more resistant to scratches and your normal wear & tear. My best friend was working in retail at the time and was able to pick this up for me on massive discount during a Friends & Family sale. I decided to pick it up in a navy color as I don't have any bags in that color. It is a bit bulky and thus isn't my bag of choice for everyday use. But occasionally, if I want a more polished look and am carrying a bit more than usual, I'll whip this one out. Tbh I haven't reached for this one on a while so I am considering selling it on Poshmark or giving it away.


I took a short break from bags as I started on this blogging journey (and spent more money on beauty things). I also wanted to save up towards some higher end bags that I had been eyeing for a while. Andddd I took the plunge off the deep end and have been a bit out of control. But hey, treat yourself.

Celine Trio (Small) (2015) | My first high end bag was this little beauty that I picked up in Paris. It will always have a special place in my heart, and I won't go into it too much. I have a whole post dedicated to it HERE. I had been eyeing this bag for at least 2 years, and I think that's important when spending $$$ on a bag. You gotta do your research and make sure it's something you won't have buyers regret on. It's safe to say that this one has become my everyday bag. 

Chanel Wallet on Chain (2016) | This classic piece is just what you would think - it's timeless and a thing of beauty. I have a post dedicated to this WOC HERE. I haven't reached for this all too much just as this one does feel extremely precious to me. I wasn't planning on buying a Chanel bag for a while and said I would do so the next time I traveled to Paris. However, my brother went there earlier this year and not knowing the next time I'd actually go, I decided to treat myself for my birthday. 25 was a big enough milestone for that, yeah?

Proenza Schouler Ps1 Mini (2016) | This was also a mini-birthday splurge. My mom went a bit shop crazy during the Nordstrom sale earlier this year when they had some crazy reward deals. As the reward exchange was so high, I was getting a lot of reward notes in exchange for buying this bag. Sooo as a second birthday treat to myself, I ended up snagging up this little Ps1. My parents were so kind to me and gifted me a Ps1 Medium for my bday which I haven't used yet as I'm waiting for Nordstrom to re-stock some new colors to exchange it for. I'm absolutely devastated that they discontinued Saddle as that was the color I'd been dreaming about since I was a teenager. I'm considering the black/black shade or getting the medium in Stone and giving my Mini to my mom.

What are your guys' thoughts on purchasing bags? What's usually your thought process when looking for a bag? Functionality, color, brand, longevity? Let's chat below!