Silvon Home | Bedding for Better Skin

To me, one of the clear cut signs of getting older is the overly joyful feeling of shopping for home decor. There isn’t quite anything better than getting into a bed with fresh sheets. I discovered a new pillowcase that is woven with antimicrobial silver to help eliminate acne-causing bacteria. News flash - I am a fan.

When T and I first moved out, we took my full-sized bed with us and each just brought our own sets of bedding. When we were traveling in Europe a few years ago, we stayed at an AirBnB that left out 2 twin size duvets and that was quite possibly one of the best nights of sleep we ever had (we are each blanket hogs). When we moved into our current apartment, enough was enough and we finally splurged and invested in a new bed. You can read all about the details of our new pieces in this older post here.

Some of my best life advices is to change your pillowcase often, wash your makeup brushes, and take off your makeup at night. This is personally my sure-fire way of ensuring that my skin stays in the best condition that it can. So when I discovered Silvon, I was super excited to have something that helps keep acne at bay.

So how does it work?

Silver carries a naturally positive charge and bacteria carries a naturally negative charge. These opposing charges are what makes silver and bacteria attracted to each other. Silver then breaks bacteria’s cell wall and destroys it before it has a chance to reproduce.

How does it help with acne?

Sheets collect dirt, oil, and bacteria that can cause your skin to freak out. Our pure silver fibers are proven to eliminate 99% of acne-causing bacteria. Plus, they’re made with 100% organic cotton so your pores can breathe.

** Above pulled from FAQ on Silvon Home’s site.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure that the pillowcase would really work but I used it regularly for about ~two~ months and I really noticed that my skin improved overall. Granted that I’ve been eating better in preparation for the wedding, but my skin was overall pretty clear. We swapped around our bedsheets with a darker hue so I finally swapped out these white pillowcases for some darker ones. Since then, I have noticed my skin breaking out a bit more. Safe to say, I’ll be switching back to my Silvon pillowcase as the wedding is about two months away!

I’m actually quite tempted to pick up more from them as they have full on sheet sets for your bed and towels!
What are your thoughts on this? Would you give it a try?


Disclaimer: I was gifted my pillowcase. set from Silvon Home but all thoughts and opinions remain my own.