My Zodiac Jewelry Collection

I recently added a new zodiac jewelry piece to my collection and I thought now was a perfect time as ever to share as it’s currently Cancer season! When it comes to astrology, I’m not all too knowledgeable about characteristics, best partner fits, etc., but I do enjoy reading articles and seeing all. the. memes. I also find zodiac jewelry pieces to be so beautiful and a touch more personable!

Last year I picked up the gold Cancer Zodiac Necklace from Mejuri as I loved the little sapphire jewels and simplicity of the pendant. It’s a perfect layering necklace when you want to spice up a casual plain tee outfit. Lately I’ve been loving layering it with the Black Spinel Necklace * from Mejuri as the two compliment each other and make a statement while still being relatively subtle.

Mejuri has an entire zodiac section on their website and their products come in both gold vermeil and sterling silver! They have pendant necklaces and chunky rings - I’m curious to see if they’ll eventually grow this range!

Since I had just gotten the zodiac necklace, I wasn’t too keen on picking up the necklace since they were a similar style. Fortunately for me, Rellery Jewelry ended up reaching out to see if I wanted their Cancer Zodiac Signet Ring * to which I instantly jumped at the chance. Rellery’s ring is definitely thinner than Mejuri’s, but still just as lovely. I do wish they had some sort of jewel in it as it is quite pricey as it is. They have rings in 18K Gold over Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver, and even 14K Solid Gold. (Fannnncy.)

Are you into astrology or zodiac signs? Would you pick up any zodiac jewelry pieces?

Let me know your favorite places to get jewelry!

PS - if you didn’t know, I’m now part of the Mejuri crew! What does this mean? If you shop with me through my link, , you can save 10% on your first order! I do make a small commission on every order placed through my link, regardless if it’s your first or fifth order! My earnings from these commissions helps me funnel back funds to further grow this space and my photography gear!


Products marked with (*) were gifted to me, but all opinions remain my own.