CHY @ Home : A Bedroom Update and Makeover

Something I’ve been obsessed with since I was younger had to be interiors. Even from a young age I loved going to furniture stores with my parents and flipping through PB Teen / IKEA catalogues. I would get American Girl magazines and would flip to the back where they featured those mini lit up rooms (Mini Illuma Cubes) - does anybody else remember those?? I would spend hours looking through magazines and it was always a ton of fun. When I started college, Tumblr was a huge thing and I remember I started a separate interiors account solely for pinning interiors, I always refused to share with my friends because I always found it embarrassing to share things like this with others. (You guys can’t imagine how long it took me to tell my friends IRL about this space. In fact, there are actually still some friends who aren’t aware of this space 😅) I contemplated several times throughout college changing my major to Design/Textiles a few times but since I had already transferred universities, I didn’t want to risk falling behind (low key, my #1 fear was taking longer than 4 years to graduate from college).

When T and I moved out, you can imagine my excitement that I would be able to decorate our entire apartment (yep - entire apartment. not just room LOL). T and I have been living with each other for a year and a few months so it’s been quite some time. When we initially moved out, we weren’t sure how long we would be renting for (we were hoping to be able to buy a place) so we opted out of buying *too* much furniture. We took my bed that I had at my parents’ house and slept on that up until a week ago. The bed we had was a full-size bed which you can imagine is teeny tiny for 2 people + a corgi (that likes to sleep horizontally, mind you). We spent an entire year + complaining each morning how Ollie pushed one of us off the bed, only for the other to say the same thing happened to them. We dabbled with the idea of getting a new bed and were debating between a queen and a king size for the longest time. We ended up deciding to go for a king bc treat yo self ! No, but really - since we’d have to buy a new mattress, frame, bedsheets, pillows, etc. we decided we might as well just pay once and be done with it rather than upgrade to a queen now and eventually a king later.

When we moved into our current apartment, we decided not to assemble the full size bed frame as we kept trying to convince ourselves that we’d upgrade our bed soon and didn’t want Ollie getting into the habit of hiding under the bed (one of his favorite past times / ways to annoy us). We slept on the mattress for almost 3 months (lol) and got sooo much sh*t from all our friends that come over how we were living the poor college life. *eye roll*

Well it finally happened and we were able to give our bedroom the nice little update that it deserves!

I thought I’d take you guys through a quick little run through of everything we have in our room and where everything is from. I know I often get a lot of questions on Instagram whenever I feature shots of our bedroom interiors, so I thought it’d be a nice little reference to have everything linked here for reference.

For all things bed related, we decided to hold out and wait for Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales - which were some of the very few things we bought the entire week of sales galore. For our bed, we decided to go with one from Floyd Detroit. I mostly was intrigued by this because it’s a simple design with a very minimal look. I liked that the boards can all be taken apart which makes it extremely easy for moving (which let’s be honest, T and I are unsure how many more times we may do). I don’t believe Floyd Detroit really have any sales, so since they were offering a small amount off + a free gift, we decided that now was as good a time as ever. I kept guessing what the free gift was and was hoping it’d be a fun little home accessory (i.e. a vase or some sort), but it ended up being socks lol. I have a fun little photoshoot idea to do with T and Ollie, but I need to order something before we can do that. Stay tuned!! We thought our order was going to arrive during the following weekend, but since it comes in a few different shipments we ended up getting it throughout the work week. We were so excited that we just built it the day we got the last piece and did a fun little timelapse of ourselves assembling it. Maybe I’ll upload one day, but until then it’ll just remain in my phone’s camera roll. I know the bed may not seem structurally secure, but it is. T and I can each stand on our edge boards and we don’t feel any wobbling what so ever. I actually really like that we have a sort of base board surrounding the mattress as we each use that as a place to store a glass of water, our phone at night, and even a book (or glasses, airpods, laptop, etc.). Is the frame expensive? Hellll yes. But is it worth it? So far, I definitely think so!

For our mattress, this has been an ongoing research project since we first moved in back in September 2017 lol. T had done non-stop research for months and narrowed down a few different brands that he wanted me to choose from. Since we weren’t sure when we wanted to buy a new bed, we both ceased research. Fast forward to October 2018 - we were in New York and while walking around SoHo (my fav!!) we came across a Leesa store and a Casper store. We decided it was time to test them out IRL and decided upon Leesa. Fun fact - you can actually test and purchase the Leesa mattresses at West Elm! For Black Friday, Leesa was offering a discount on all mattresses along with a free pillow. The deal is actually still going on both the Leesa site and West Elm if you’re interested! Although West Elm is also offering a $50 credit to shop their store which is definitely a great deal! Just a disclaimer that the free pillow is only the standard size. Unfortunately even if you order a King size bed, you won’t get a King size pillow (lame). We bought our sheets and ordered King size pillows since T got ordered a special pillow for himself. T likes to stay cool all night (and often sleeps with the window open, much to my dismay), so when he came across Leesa’s Hybrid Pillow - he. was. sold. One side flips over to be a cooling side which offers you a nice cool comfort all night long. I snuggled up to him the other night and it was definitely cold - it was nice but I personally love being warm and cozy when I sleep.

For bedsheets, I knew from the get-go that I wanted linen bedsheets. Two brands stuck out to me thanks to IG marketing - Brooklinen and Parachute. In addition to the bedsheets, we decided to order our comforter from Brooklinen and so far so good. I find it super cozy to sleep with and I sleep so well every single night! T isn’t as big a fan of linen but me thinks it is growing on him. Ollie definitely loves it as he sleeps like a baby and T has come home from work to find him asleep on the bed. We haven’t tried our Parachute sheets yet but I washed and folded them over this past weekend and they feel equally as soft. I’ll do an update post in a few months to let you guys know how both of them wear over time!

With Ollie comes a lot of perks but also a lot of (minor) downfalls. One of those downfalls being the amount he sheds fur - it. is. insane. We were content with having hardwood as it was easier to clean, but it was driving us a little bit insane so we decided to add a jute rug to our bedroom for aesthetics + to help hide some fur :B One brand I’ve been eyeing up and down had to be Lulu and Georgia! I know we could have gone for a cheaper option but other ones I found just didn’t really interest me and there would often be things I didn’t like (mostly the edge borders). The rug did come with a sort of smell, but T and I just sprinkled some baking soda onto it, let it sit, and vacuumed it up. In less than an hour the smell was gone - problem solved! The scent is slightly still there, but it’s definitely not bothersome in the very least.

The rest of our furniture is from none other than IKEA! I always get questions on where my mirror is from but it’s just IKEA - it looks much better quality than it’s low price point and I’m definitely glad for it. I wanted a taller one but T convinced me to get a smaller one - lucky thing too cause the bigger one definitely would not have fit in my car lol. Our dresser is also the Hemnes 8-drawer dresser and if you look closely, you can see the bar that T installed backwards. It wasn’t until we were putting the drawers in that he yelled to me from the other room that he “made a grave mistake.” Since it was one of the first pieces put in, he deemed it way too much work to fix it. He said he was going to put puddy over the nail portion and paint over it to make it seamless with the rest of the dresser, but it’s been over half a year and that still hasn’t happened. So..that’s doubtful. I’ve just accepted that this is my life now.

On top of my dresser I have a grey vase which is, again, from IKEA! I put some dried eucalyptus leaves because I think they look nice and add a pop of color to our room without requiring any added maintenance. Although we get a beautiful amount of sunlight in our apartment, T loves the dark so the blinds tend to stay closed in our room most of the week, aside from weekends when I open up all the windows and blinds. I have a marble tray that I got from a Nordstrom event last year which houses all of my fragrances on top. I also have a glass shadowbox that I got from The Container Store that I house all of my watches and jewelry pieces in. One item I constantly get requests about has to be the marble circle/arch mirror. Unfortunately this one was a collab that Target did last year and it is no longer available. If anything ever comes back similar, I’ll be sure to share it immediately!

And that’s a wrap! I hope you liked this little post - let me know your thoughts or any suggestions you think we should make to the room!

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