CHY Gift Guide : For the Coworkers (& Beyond)

This is the final gift guide for 2018 - woo! I thought it’d be fun to do a little gift guide for coworkers/colleagues. My friends (coworkers) and I say it all the time, but we spend more time with one another than we do our own families/friends/pets. (Unless you count sleeping hours, but who does?) Obviously your coworkers can easily become some of your closest friends and it doesn’t just end if you leave said job.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but my office hangs stockings in everyone’s cube/desk area so we can all drop in stocking stuffers. Of course it’s not always necessary to gift every single person in your office something, but a few things here and there is nice. Granted, my office is pretty small as there’s less than 30 of us in mine. I know sometimes baking a bag of cookies is nice, or even just an assortment of chocolate! Last year I came across a set of 12 mini Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams at Costco so I decided to pick up a pack and drop them in all the girls’ stockings at work. I gave some of my closer coworkers a Glossier Balm Dot Com as well because #GlossierRep lol.

I think buying some gadgets that are useful for work/stationary usage or day-to-day necessities would be nice, for your coworker or friends! I’ve created this little assortment of products that range from stationary goodies to desk accessories, kitchen gadgets (i.e. carrying lunch around), and re-usable cups/mugs/travel drink carriers. My office is a green business so they always encourage us not to use paper/plastic cups when and where we can. I’ll admit I’m not always the best, but I do keep a few mugs at work so I can rotate through them cause ya girl is one of those indecisive drinkers. I’m terrible at drinking water but I usually have some sort of water bottle at my desk IF I feel like it (lol) and usually two mugs - one with coffee and one with tea :B (I don’t discriminate).

Hopefully you find a gift or two that would be great little pick-ups for a coworker (or even family / friend) !