Let’s Chat : Facial Tools

While I love my makeup bits and skincare army, there are a few tools that I have been reaching for on the regular (although some more than others) that don't get as much love as they should. Honestly I don't think tools are 100% necessary, but they're nice to add into your routine and I do think there is one tool I couldn't be without. I thought I'd share some of the tools I have on rotation with you guys! 

    Here are some of my favorite tools:

    • Solaris Lab NY Gua Sha* :: When Solaris Lab reached out to me to offer me something to try, I quickly jumped on their Gua Sha. It was something I didn't have in my collection and was something I was curious about. Using a Gua Sha regularly for a little facial massage at home has benefits - it helps increase blood circulation, helps remove toxins, lifts your skin (bye wrinkles + sagging), and reduces redness. While I don't think there such things as overnight miracle workers, I did definitely notice my skin looked a lot lifted and a tad slimmer with regular use. It takes a few minutes each day but with long-term use I think you will see results. I usually start my skincare routine and use the tool after I have applied some oil. Afterwards I just massage my face moisturizer in. It's quick and easy! This is a step I don't like to miss and I even have two in my collection now which makes it easy to keep one next to my bed and one in my bathroom. (More on the second one below.)
    • Mount Lai Jade Roller* :: My blogging friend Stephanie created her own line of products last year. She was so kind to send me a jade roller and I have been loving it! She spent a lot of time researching materials and she created a great product. Excitingly enough, she's expanded to including Gua Shas in her product list so you can bet I'll be getting one from her too. Cherry on top is that Mount Lai products are now sold in freaking Sephora!! When I saw it I pretty much screamed out of excitement for her. She's doing huge things and you should definitely go support this girl boss. *Edit: Mount Lai now carries Gua Sha tools as well so you can pick up both a roller and gua sha if you'd like :)
    • Dr. Jart Facial Roller :: If there's one thing I'm self-conscious of it's a chubby face. I have quite big cheeks and my face is pretty round. I also have pretty lousy posture so most of the time I'm slumped over and have a slight double chin (lol). I know I need to exercise more and I'm trying to implement it better into my routine, but I saw this little device and thought it'd be good with consistent use. So when my boyfriend's sister went to Korea earlier this year, I asked her if she could find this there since Dr. Jart is a bit more common and I could get the roller without picking up an entire set. This one is nice to use and I need to be better about using it - I'm sure I'll feel more keen on doing a whole routine once the weather cools down a bit more. When it's warm, I really can't be bothered to do much.
    • Germanium Quartz Roller :: If you follow any female celebrities on Instagram, you may have seen them go to Nurse Jamie for a little "face lift." (I definitely spotted this with Sarah Hyland and Lucy Hale!) While this particular device is non-invasive, it definitely peaked my interest. I saw that they had some dupes on Amazon and ya girl went for it because she wasn't about to pay ~$70 for the brand name version. One thing that also peaked my interest was that it can be used on your face or body - and it's actually large enough to use on other parts of your body. It feels a bit silly to all it on your arms / legs and my bf has definitely walked in on me using this to just give me a weird look and turn right around. The little "balls" of geranium help promote blood circulation, reduce "pouches", and activates cells when used regularly. I'll admit I was trying to keep my bathroom counter clear of all these "tools" and the whole out of sight, out of mind thing really applies. I sometimes try to leave this one out because if I don't, I know it just won't get used. // 20% off coupon available on Amazon!
    • Conture Skin Toning Device* :: This one is an interesting device and I instantly jumped at the chance to test this one since I'd never tried anything like it before. This comes with a Kinetic Treatment serum which is supposed to help stimulate and tone your skin. The Conture device claims to be a non-invasive, anti-aging system designed to brighten, smooth, visibly firm, and restore younger-looking skin - targeting dullness and uneven texture, fine lines / wrinkles, and pores. I think this one takes a long time to see results and I was a bit impatient to see them. I didn't feel like the "strength" of the device was really there and the portion that covers the opening felt oddly shaped. I also think it's a bit wasteful that they send out DVD Instructions in each kit - it's 2018. Just give a password code to a link online to view the instructions rather than giving a CD that most people probably can't even play (most laptops these days forego a player since people rarely use them lol). The set retails for $199 and while I'm thankful to have it and use it on occasion, I don't think this one is the best one to invest in.
    • NUFACE Mini Facial Toning Device (Not Photographed) :: This is one I actually ended up picking up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It wasn't really marked down but we were getting multiplied points so I decided to just go for it. I was really nervous to use this the first time but it just feels like little teeny pulses - I only felt it in some areas where I hadn't applied enough of the serum. This one only takes a few minutes each night and I usually will just sit on the couch while watching TV and slowly move this across my face. Unlike the Conture device, they didn't give an instruction booklet and just directed you to their app which has demos - I approve. I've only been using this for a week and while I haven't seen dramatic results, I'm excited to keep using this to see how it works.

    What are your thoughts on skincare tools? Are you a fan? Do you think they work? Do you prefer handheld tools or electronic devices?