Five Summer Favorites

After graduating from college, I feel like summer truly starts with July 4th. Now that it has come and gone, I've been enjoying our "summer" months for the last two months. Oddly this year felt very cool compared to other years and  aside from one weekend, it wasn't really feeling too much like Summer. Although it wasn't completely warm, there have been a few things I've been reaching for lately and ones that I know I'll be reaching for more throughout the next few months as we hold onto the last bits of summer. (Does anybody else think we're going to have another Indian summer?)

1. Baja Bae Caramel Lotion + Luna Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturizer :: When I went to Palm Springs a few months ago, I took the Baja Bae Caramel Lotion with me and I was so impressed with how "golden" and caramel-y my skin looked. I'm usually very weary about anything that helps you rapidly tan. This one adds a teeny amount of color and helps deepen your tan to a nice golden hue. I wore this one with a white swimsuit top and didn't have any issues with color transfer. To help keep a little healthy glow in my skin, I've been loving the Luna Bronze Moisturizer. Much similar to the "tanning drops" that you see from Isle of Paradise and Tan-Luxe, this one adds color to your skin overnight. I find this one to be a little less scary since it's easy to get the same amount of "product" each time around your entire body. It has a fresh scent which doesn't bother me at all. I use this at night and my skin has a nice glow when I wake up. Dresses + shorts, I'm ready for ya! 

2. Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum :: Last summer seemed to be the year of sunscreen, and this year I really feel like all the self-tanner products really came out to play. Leave it to Drunk Elephant, one of my favorite brands, to bring out a product that adds a touch of color to your skin while treating it like a skincare product. I know using bronzing products on your face can be scary, but this one isn't permanent/semi-permanent and can be taken off. I like to take a few drops of this and add it to my moisturizer of choice (currently the DE Protini Polypeptide Cream) and it adds a nice even glow of color to my skin. Thanks to this, I've been foregoing foundation (hallelujah) and just going in with a teeny bit of concealer. This stuff is a lifesaver. 

3. Savor Beauty Renew Pumpkin Seed Serum :: When Savor Beauty reached out to ask if I wanted to try this, it only took one glance at the ingredients list for me to say yes. Among the various ingredients, I saw that it had both Rosehip oil and Meadowfoam oil - both of which my skin loves. Like seriously loves. The serum claims to brighten dull skin, fade spots/pigmentation, and to give your skin a nice glow. While it usually takes more time to see results, I'd say I saw results with this within 2 days. I thought it was just coincidence that my skin was starting to look good after using this, but when I stopped my skin went back to being a bit duller than usual. I love this stuff so much that I've actually been reaching for it both day and night. This is a huge deal because I usually hate applying oils during the day, but this one sinks in so nicely and adds that healthy glow that I really can't say no. If you don't have time to let this one sit in, mix a few drops with your moisturizer and you're good to go! I'm about halfway through this bottle already which says a lot because I'm usually the slowest turtle at finishing oils.

4. YSL Volupté Liquid Color Balm in Devour Me Plum (#10) :: I received this from Influenster and when I saw some others being gifted bright colors I was nervous with what I'd receive. Luckily, the shade I got was described as a mauve nude and is exactly what I would usually go for. It adds a subtle wash of color and I actually find it to be so hydrating on my lips. The best part about this product is that it fades nice and evenly throughout it's wear so it doesn't leave a faded center bit with an outer ring of color. I'm tempted to pick this up in more colors because it's so easy to apply and nice to wear! If you're debating on picking up a new lipstick during the Sephora VIB sales, I highly recommend picking up one of these or the Lancome Absolu Lacquers. 

5. Laura Mercier Beauty :: Ok - I'm kind of cheating here because I have a few products that I've loving from LM, but let's just go with it. OK? I have been loving the Matte Bronzing Powder (in the shade 1), Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder (in the shade 2), and Face Illuminator Powder in Indiscretion . I have been using this combo since I was kindly gifted the items and I am seriously so wow-ed with the finish these products leave. When it warms up, I really don't want to put much on my skin. As mentioned above, I've been passing on foundation and going in with concealer to cover any hyperpigmentation and redness. I tend to get a bit more oily in the summer and while I don't mind it, I do want to help control it a little bit. I've been dusting on the bronzing powder which gives a healthy glow to the skin. Over that, I've bee dusting a bit of the Candleglow powder along my forehead, nose, and chin and that just gives a healthy lit from within glow. On days when I'm feeling a little extra, I'll take the illuminator powder and dust it along my cheekbones, nose, and Cupid's bow. Not photographed are the new Blush Colour Infusions - I've been wearing the shade Peach non-stop as it adds a healthy glow and looks a tad like one of those 'sunburnt' looks that I think are pretty cute. *Without the skin damage too ;)* These are everyday reaches for me and I really don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

What are some products that you're loving for summertime?


All products mentioned in this post were gifted to me, but all opinions remain my own. This post also contains affiliate links. Feel free to read more on my disclaimer