August at a Glance

I cannot believe August is almost over. I already know that my months are going to roll on by in the next few months and before I know it, we'll be ringing in 2019. I don't really have any big to-do list items in the upcoming months as I've already been working so diligently on tackling some in the past few months. Of course a lot of the big ones are rolling over to the next, particularly cleaning the apartment, decluttering, and getting ready to move.

I have a sh*t ton of weddings coming up with the first one already come and gone. In total, we have 5 confirmed weddings and a possible 6th one. (Although tbh, I realllly don't want to go to that one - so I'm probably going to decline lol). The second week of August we had a birthday to celebrate in Sonoma (woo, wine country) for a friend and the following weekend a baby shower for another friend! September will be completely jam packed and once I get a little breather in October, I'll be attending the *last* wedding and then I'll be off to New York for a week and a half. I feel like very few weekends will truly be mine between no wand New York and I'm definitely getting pushed out of my comfort zone as I am such a homebody. One wedding is even out of town so we'll be in Southern California for a bit of an extended weekend, and I'm excited to just have some time off work. (But it will give me time to catch up with one of my college friends - heyyy Adrienne!!)

I've made a few (read: a lot of) orders and got some new dresses/shoes that came in. I splurged on my first pair of designer heels (although I got them at a complete steal) and I was hoping to get it in time for the first wedding, but no such luck. I'm debating on working on a little wedding guest style guide and if I do it, I'll some of the outfits that I whip up. Usually I just curl my hair but lately I've been wanting to experiment a lot more so I've been pinning a ton of hairstyles (up-dos, half-dos, and the likes) over on Pinterest. We'll see if I actually end up following through with any of them. I also decided to get my hair done because I bleached it earlier this year and it's grown out / a tad too blonde for my liking now. I decided to re-shape my hair and also go back to the dark side. Just in time for my favorite season - Fall!

Speaking of Fall - I finally went and got my hair done and chopped off probably 4+ inches along with some extra "weight' in my hair. I think we may have taken off a little bit too much in terms of thickness but it's still there. I'm glad my hair has grown back cause a few years ago it definitely thinned out when I got sick after my EuroTrip. I also toned it darker and while it's actually a tad darker than my natural (already) dark hair color, it's been an adjustment. I know after a few washes it'll wash out so that's fine - but I'm excited to mix it up a little bit! And my hair just feels so much healthier and lighter.

One exciting thing that happened this month was that I got to see Ed Sheeran for a second time! A few years back in 2014, I dragged my boyfriend to an Ed Sheeran on my birthday. A few friends had asked if we wanted and when my boyfriend said no, I pretty much trapped him into going because it was on my actual birthday. (How can a guy really say no to hanging out with his girlfriend ON her birthday??) Anyways - he's a huge Ed fan now and when we saw that he was coming into town, I quickly booked tickets and will be headed there with my best friend and my boyfriend. And next month, I'll be seeing Sam Smith. WOO. I saw him at Coachella in 2014 as well when he was performing his song with Disclosure. Back then I didn't really know who he was and he was a bit awkward on stage, but his voice was something to remember. And of course afterwards he became a huge thing and I've loved his music ever since. 

I've really been assessing many areas of my life (you know, since I turned 27 and entered my "late" 20s), and I've been thinking about who I want to be as a person. My whole life I've been such a TV addict and never really was much of a reader. I've mentioned before that my office started a book club and July's book was so captivating that it's really started sort of a domino effect of reading. Most of my TV shows are on summer break or I finished binge-watching the series, so I haven't really been turning on the TV and have been spending my time cuddling with Ollie on the couch with my nose in a book. I finished the entire Crazy Rich Asians trilogy (with China Rich Girlfriend + Rich People Problems). I also picked up To All The Boys I Ever Loved and I'm working on reading this before I catch the movie on Netflix. If you have any book recs, please send them my way!

Another exciting thing that happened was that we finally leased our apartment for the next year. We'll be moving mid-month next month (in the midst of all the wedding attending chaos) and we're already planning every single day out. Safe to say we're gonna be pretty burnt out, but we've started packing this weekend which gives us a solid 3 weeks to get everything in boxes. We're working on certain areas at a time and throwing things in donation piles. It's crazy to see how much we've accumulated in just one year of living here, but it definitely grew a lot. We'll be moving into a two bedroom and I'll be getting my *own* room to do blogging things and I could not be more excited. Hopefully this will allow us to not have so much clutter around the apartment that will allow me to create more lifestyle-esque content. 

What have you been up to in August? Any exciting plans coming up for the next few months?