A Cream Highlight Roundup

As I've quickly seen how fast my makeup and skincare stashes grow, I've been trying to have much more regular declutter and clear-outs to make sure that nothing gets *too* out of control. I force myself to swatch things regularly to make sure that 1. I still like the product, 2. The product isn't dried out or expired, 3. If I will actually reach for the product. While I usually find a handful of products each time that I accept will not be used, I do re-discover products that I had otherwise forgot about.

Sometimes I get in a routine of using the same products which can be great when I'm trying to finish something up, but it also means other products get neglected and forgotten about. While sifting through my products, I realized how many cream highlighter products I've acquired. I like to think that Cloud Paint was a gateway makeup "drug" that led me to try more cream/liquid products!

Cream Highlight Favorites

BECCA Opal (Poured)

I heard they were discontinuing the poured highlighters and I am devastated. Cream products obviously don't last as long but I love BECCA highlights the most because of how much glow they give without being too over the top. Opal has pretty much won it's way to be my favorite shade of the range - although previously it was Moonstone. When I saw these for 50% off in the Sephora deals, I quickly snatched one up. Although hindsight now I see why they were on clearance as they were trying to move stock quickly. If you want to pick one up before they're out of stock, BECCA has them on their website for 50% off - but hurry, cause a few of them are already out of stock!

Kjaer Weis Ravishing

This one is a warm gold color that gives a perfectly dewy glow to any makeup look. This one blends so easily and almost has a powdery sort of feel to it. I love topping my simple everyday makeup look with this one as it's subtle enough for everyday wear and doesn't make you glow too strong (especially if you're just sitting in your cube at work like I am). I do wish I had gotten the other shade, Radiance, as it reminds me a lot more of BECCA Opal and can easily be used as an eye product as well. Added to my list for sure!

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Shimmer Stick in Starstruck

These ones are a bit more glam so it may not be suited to everyone's taste for a day-to-day look. I also picked this up in the trio set, but I saw that they now have a mini duo set! Of course if I had not given into the hype, I totally could have waited for the brand to bring out minis and snag this. *Note to self: brands these days come out with minis of just about anything and everything. This one is a bit of a chunky glitter so I'd reserve it for nights out or special occasions - another reason why the mini would've been a better fit. If you like something a bit more out there, I highly recommend this one as there are also a ton of fun other colors to create some fun looks.

Soap and Glory Glow All Out Highlight & Sculpt Cheek Stick in Ice Shimmer

I actually think this one is a dupe of the Fenty Beauty shimmer stick! The shades are pretty similar for both but Fenty has more of a "chunky glitter" finish. I actually think this one may be a tad more easy to spread as the Fenty Beauty version is a bit sturdier. One downside to this one is that it has a wider product diameter so it's not as easy to get precisely over the high points of your cheek. But it's an easy solution to just warm up the product on your finger and dab it on instead. I drafted this post a little over a month ago but since I decided that I'd pass this one on since I definitely won't be able to finish all of these cream products up before their shelf life expires.

Glossier Haloscope  

You didn't think I'd forget about these right? Like much of Glossier's makeup collection, everything gives you that subtle makeup glow that emphasizes your traits. The Haloscopes give that dewy glow rather than a full on streak of highlight that you might get from the two products above or a powder highlight. I have all three shades: Moonstone, Quartz, and Topaz. Moonstone is the most subtle of the bunch and really gives that dewy "sweaty" look. Quartz does have a bit more of a kick to it and I like to use this on a night out. Topaz is one I oddly have been loving a lot more as of late - especially with the warmer weather. This one adds a healthy touch of glow and looks even more beautiful mixed with Cloud Paint ! I like to warm up some product on the back of my hand and add in a drop of Cloud Paint - I've tested this with Beam, Haze, and Storm - and all look beaut. I haven't had the courage to wear Dawn yet, but I bet that would mix beautifully too. // Remember to place your orders through my Glossier rep link! If it's your first order you score 10% off the entire order. Every order placed through my link gives me commission, regardless if it's your first or tenth. It helps a lot!

Lilah B Glisten & Glow

This one is an honorary mention because I was gifted this one after I had already taken the photo. I recently got a little package from LB and this little pebble was in it. In terms of heftiness, I'd compare this one with the Kjaer Weis one I mentioned above.


What types of highlight products do you like to use? Powder? Cream? Liquid? Share your favorites with me!